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Researchers Exploring Cave Dwellers From Bandelier National Monument's Long Ago Past

The American Southwest is honeycombed with ruins from long-past civilizations. Mesa Verde National Park and Canyon de Chelly National Monument are well-known for their cliff dwellings, while at Bandelier National Monument the sandstone walls are pocked with "cavates" used as shelter centuries ago.

Snow Impedes Blind Hiker on Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Another Blind Hiker Targets Pacific Crest Trail

A blind hiker who set off last month to go end-to-end on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail has had to reorganize his trek due to heavy snows and ice in the Smokies of North Carolina. Meanwhile, another visually impaired hiker is set on conquering the Pacific Crest Trail.

NPCA: Tell the Obama Administration That Clear Air And Clear Views Across National Parks are Vital

Debate over the country's energy needs, environmental conditions, and the resulting quality of life is not new. It's unending, ongoing, and downright rancorous at times. But does it need to be? With hazy views across spectacular parks in the Southwest, how can we turn that debate into solutions?

Can Hunting of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia Hurt Grizzly Populations in Glacier National Park?

Should we care that grizzly bears are hunted in British Columbia? The Natural Resources Defense Council and the David Suzuki Foundation think so, saying those hunts could end up harming grizzly populations on this side of the US-Canadian border.

Here's a Great Resource For Planning A Backcountry Trek In Denali National Park and Preserve

While it's hard to say whether the folks at Denali National Park and Preserve are trendsetters without first exploring all the other websites in the National Park System, their site for planning a backcountry trek should be a model, if it's not already.

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