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Possible Wolf Spotted in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park officials, who just recently announced a program to reduce elk numbers in their park, might get some help from nature. Officials say a black-colored canine spotted on December 4 possibly was a wolf.

Park History: Shenandoah National Park

Cradled by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Shenandoah National Park is perhaps best described as Great Smoky Mountains National Park's sister park.

Groups Sue Park Service Over ORV Use in Big Cypress National Preserve

A coalition of seven groups is suing the National Park Service over its decision to reauthorize off-road vehicle use in an area of Big Cypress National Preserve, saying the move directly impacts sensitive Florida panther habitat.

Missing Snowshoer's Body Found on Mount Rainier

The body of a 22-year-old Washington man killed in an avalanche on Mount Rainier National Park has been recovered.
Tucked away where northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah converge, Dinosaur National Monument is a remote, oft-overlooked place. Writer Hal Crimmel and photographer Steve Gaffney give it substance and definition.
Steam rising in Yellowstone National Park; Rich Deline photographer.A short 3 minute journey into the snowy winter season in Yellowstone National Park. Buffalo still roam, rivers still flow, but the entire place in winter is surrounded in mist and snow, which totally change the outlook on the landscape. The erupting geyser at the end of the video is pretty cool.

Park History: Exploring the National Parkways

Along with "parks," "seashores," "lakeshores" and "battlefields," the National Park System counts a number of "parkways" that fall under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Though most are incredibly scenic byways, there also are two major metropolitan arterials in this collection.

Search Under Way for Missing Snowshoer On Mount Rainier

Rangers at Mount Rainier National Park have been working to find a 22-year-old Washington man who was swept down the mountain by an avalanche.

Senators' Letter to Open National Parks to Concealed Weapons

Attached is the letter a number of senators sent to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne asking him to overturn the National Park Service's ban on concealed weapons in national parks.
Firearms-Parks Letter.pdf607.75 KB

Senators Pushing To Allow Concealed Weapons in National Parks

There's a move under way in the U.S. Senate to have Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne reverse the National Park Service's ban against the public carrying concealed weapons in the national parks.

Congressional Democrats Working to Keep Hunters Out of Santa Rosa Island

Congressional Democrats are working to see that the omnibus spending bill working its way to President Bush contains language that would bring a halt to private hunts on part of Channel Islands National Park.

National Parks Spending Bill Explanation

For policy wonks, the accompanying attachment explains how the omnibus spending bill aids the national park system. Within its pages you can find some specific appropriations for historic preservation, construction, and land acquisition.
FY08 Omnibus NPS Explanatory .pdf942.98 KB

Omnibus Bill Provides $2.39 billion 08 Budget for National Park Service

The omnibus spending bill awaiting full Senate action calls for $2.39 billion for the National Park Service in FY08 (which started this past October).
FY08 Omnibus NPS.pdf862.5 KB

Assateague Island National Seashore Rangers Troll Internet For Big Catch

The Internet can be a fascinating place, but for one boastful angler it proved her undoing. The woman in question made the mistake of bragging about catching smaller-than-allowed striped bass from Assateague Island National Seashore.

Park History: Capitol Reef National Park

Walking out of the visitor center at Capitol Reef National Park will be one of the most surreal experiences of your life, as you pass through a portal not only into a red-rock cathedral but also back into the past. The park is a pure slice of heaven in the desert, seemingly waiting for Irma to open up a pie stand.

Dying in the Parks: Park Service Concerned About Suicides

Each year nearly 100 people attempt suicide somewhere in the national park system. That's a troubling statistic for the National Park Service.

Economic Greed Tarnishes Our National Park System

For longer than the National Park Service has been in business, capitalists have pulled at national parks, looking for a way to get their financial cut of natural resources. Should we be surprised at this behavior? Of course not. Disappointed? I'd like to think so.

Congressional Research Service--Recreation on Federal Lands

The growing and diverse nature of recreation on federal lands has increased the challenge of balancing different types of recreation with each other and with other land uses. Motorized recreation has been particularly controversial, with issues centering on access and environmental impacts.
CRS-Recreation on Federal Lands.pdf184 KB
NPS Director Bomar gives Barney a Junior Ranger Ceremony; White House video.As part of the continuing "Holiday in the National Parks" celebration, the White House has released a video called BarneyCam in which we get to see President Bush's dogs get Junior Ranger status. It is corny, probably intended just for kids, but I got a laugh out of it. Maybe you will too.

Mountain Bike Association Considering Bid To Alter Park Service's Rulemaking Policies

The International Mountain Bicycling Association quietly is exploring a bid to change National Park Service rule-making policies with hopes of cutting through the bureaucracy to open up more park terrain to cyclists.