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The latest news from around the National Park System.

National Park Service Faces Variety Of Threats To Archaeological Resources At Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

River flows, burrowing rodents, and seeping water all pose a threat to archaeological resources at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, where officials are trying to come up with a solution to better preserve those pieces of history.

Draft Plan Issued For Solving Parking, Access Issues At Muir Woods National Monument

When my wife and I visited Muir Woods National Monument in California, we wound up parking on the side of a road about a half-mile from the park's entrance. And, we learned later in the day when we saw the line of cars similarly parked stretching for about two miles, that we were lucky. Now the National Park Service is working on a plan to improve parking and access at the monument just north of San Francisco Bay.

Study Seeks To Uncover Yellowstone's Subsurface Mysteries

A new study providing an unprecedented regional view of the earth’s crust beneath Yellowstone National Park is set to begin with a helicopter electromagnetic and magnetic (HEM) survey on Monday. Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, University of Wyoming and Aarhus University in Denmark hope to distinguish zones of cold fresh water, hot saline water, steam, clay and unaltered rock from one another to understand Yellowstone’s myriad hydrothermal systems. The flights will continue for the next two to four weeks.

UPDATED: Dry Conditions Lead To Campfire Ban In Parts Of Obed Wild And Scenic River, Mammoth Cave National Park, Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area

Bans on backcountry campfires are being instituted at more parks in the Southeast, with Obed Wild and Scenic River in Tennessee, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in Tennessee and Kentucky, and Mammoth Cave National Park all implementing fire bans.

Most Yellowstone National Park Roads Close To Travel On Monday

This weekend provides the last chance for visitors to drive to many iconic locations in Yellowstone National Park, as the West, South, and East Entrances and all roads, with one exception, will close to vehicle travel at 8 a.m. Monday so the park can prepare them for the winter season and snowmobile and snowcoach travel, which is scheduled to begin Tuesday, December 15.

Heaven or Hell? Election Results Could Severely Affect Our National Parks

While the 413 places and approximately 85 million acres protected in our National Park System belong to the American people, a significant number are so important to the entire human family that they sit atop the world’s greatest conservation lists: World Heritage Site, (22) Biosphere Reserve, (23) and Ramsar International Convention of Wetlands, (2). They are among the rarest of the rare on Planet Earth, of the same stature as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal and the Galapagos Islands among others. So what happens to our national parks and public lands affects not just America but the world.

Dry Conditions Lead To Backcountry Fire Ban, Water Shortages In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials announced a temporary ban on campfires in the park’s backcountry effective immediately. Due to extremely dry weather conditions and the amount of fresh leaf litter on the ground, the potential for escaped fires to occur in the backcountry has dramatically increased. The fire restriction will be in effect until further notice.

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