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The latest news from around the National Park System.

National Park Service Director Impressed With Maine North Woods, National Park Proponents Hopeful

It was mere happenstance, two events more than 2,000 miles apart, but the irony was inescapable: At a time when the Western United States is losing a "football field worth of natural area" to development every 2.5 minutes, an opportunity to set aside nearly 100,000 acres in the Northeast as part of the National Park System was deemed within reach.

National Postal Museum To Open Exhibition Celebrating Centennial Of National Park Service

Trailblazing: 100 Years of Our National Parks opening June 9 at the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum in Washingont, D.C., celebrates the centennial of America's national parks. The exhibition, open through March 25, 2018, chronicles the intersections between the mail and the parks.

Court Records: Canadian Man Cited For Picking Up Yellowstone Bison Calf

A Canadian man cited by Yellowstone National Park rangers for transporting a bison calf to the Buffalo Ranch in the park was worried it would end up as "road kill" if he did nothing, according to the investigating ranger. In the end the calf wound up dead just the same, as its mother abandoned it and it "was continually approaching visitors and vehicles" and so rangers put it down.

Sexual Harassment Chapter At Grand Canyon National Park Leads Superintendent To Retire

Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga, who has shouldered responsibility for not acting more aggressively in response to long-running allegations of sexual harassment in the park, has announced his retirement rather than accept a move to the National Park Service's Washington headquarters.

Park Advocates Concerned By NPS Plans To Revise Fund-Raising Guidelines

Proposed changes to the rules that govern fund-raising for the National Park Service have left the Coalition to Protect America's Parks wondering what exactly the Park Service is trying to accomplish with the changes and fears they will only lead to more commercialization within the park system.

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