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The latest news from around the National Park System.

Crude Oil Refinery Proposed Next To Theodore Roosevelt National Park Raises Concerns

While falling oil prices have slowed production from North Dakota's oil and natural gas fields, a company sees that lull as the perfect opportunity to build a crude oil refinery in the state. However, its proposed location just three miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park has raised concerns from the National Park Service and conservation groups about how it will impact the park.

Presidential Proclamation For National Park Week

Our National Parks have allowed generations to discover history, nature, and wildlife in irreplaceable ways. From the highest peaks of Denali to the lowest dips of the Grand Canyon, families around our country enjoy the splendor of the outdoors. Throughout National Park Week, as we celebrate the ways in which our treasured outdoor spaces enrich our lives and uplift our spirits, the National Park Service will again offer free admission to America's National Parks so more people can explore our country's vast natural beauty.

Spring Into Yellowstone Festival Coming To Cody, Wyoming In May

One of the most gorgeous approaches to Yellowstone National Park is from the east, through the Sunlight Basin northwest of Cody, Wyoming. The road descends in a series of switchbacks down the Absaroka Range and onto the forested valley floors. And if you're heading to the park in mid-May, you just might want to spend a little time in Cody, Wyoming, to take in the fourth annual Spring Into Yellowstone festival before you head into the basin.

Trails I've Hiked: Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Most avid hikers know Half Dome. In fact, as the signature landmark for Yosemite National Park, its image is recognized worldwide. It’s even on the 2005 U.S. quarter. From late-May to early-October, visitors can attempt this extremely strenuous 16-mile round-trip day hike. The main challenge is the nearly one mile vertical climb from the valley. Then there’s the final 425 feet, aided by a 45-degree inclined cable banister.

Photography In The National Parks: Year-Round Photography In Yellowstone National Park

In wildlife photography, there may be no greater thrill than photographing a grizzly leading her three cubs across a green meadow in Yellowstone. Nor a more powerful sense of wonder than witnessing the birth of a bison calf in the remote Lamar Valley. Nor a more impressive wildlife scene than a magnificent bull elk guarding his harem of females along the scenic Madison River.

Cleanup From October Storms Continues At Death Valley National Park

While great progress has been made at Death Valley National Park in cleaning up after October's historic rain storms, much remains to be done in some areas of the park. Scotty's Castle repairs are getting under way, though some will have to wait until funding materializes, according to park officials.

Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument Latest Addition To National Park System

A monument to the history of women's equality in the United States on Tuesday will become the latest addition to the National Park System, as President Obama will officially sign the necessary documents under the Antiquities Act to establish the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument in Washington, D.C.

Group Identifies 20 "Anti-Public Lands" Politicians

A key group of 20 members of Congress is responsible for marshaling legislation aimed at shrinking the federal landscape and attempting to block the president's authority to establish national monuments under the Antiquities Act, according to a left-leaning public policy think tank.
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