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The latest news from around the National Park System.

Creating Acadia National Park: The Biography Of George Bucknam Dorr

While George Bucknam Dorr had the wherewithal to travel extensively about the world and do anything with his life, he came to cherish the landscape of Mount Desert Island along coastal Maine. It was a lifelong connection spurred by childhood vacations on the island, one that spawned a tireless, and selfless, campaign to both conserve the island’s landscape and, more importantly, see it included within the National Park System.

Many Ways To Celebrate Acadia National Park Centennial This Month

June brings full leaves, family guests, and, this year, the rising tide of the Acadia Centennial. Well more than 400 partners have stepped up to offer an event, product, or their support for the yearlong, community-based, world-welcoming celebration of the 100-year-old national park. This month, Acadia National Park lovers can join these partners in art, birding, science, music, history, puppetry, garden design, baseball, and ice cream—all to celebrate America’s favorite place.

Traveler's View: National Park Service Wrong To Permit Zion Bike Race

Zion National Park, one of the most crowded and congested units of the National Park System in summer, one where visitors can spend an hour or more simply waiting to get into iconic Zion Canyon, will temporarily close public access on August 1 to allow for a professional bike race. What is the National Park Service thinking?

National Mall Historic District Nominated For The National Register Of Historic Places

The final draft of the National Mall Historic District nomination for the National Register of Historic Places is now available for public review. The National Register is the official list of the nation’s historic places worthy of preservation, and the National Mall nomination provides basic information about the physical appearance and the significance embodied in the 110 historic buildings, structures, and sites located within the district.

Agencies Remind Public "If You Fly, We Can't" During Firefighting

Federal, state, and local wildland fire agencies and the Federal Aviation Administration are reminding members of the public not to fly “Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)” or drones over or near wildfires this season. Unauthorized UAS flights can potentially cause serious accidents and disrupt aerial firefighting operations.

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