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Centennial Series | Connecting Youth With National Parks And The Outdoors

National park leaders today worry about a growing disconnect between national parks and our techno-savvy youth. But our government no longer toils alone with such problems as unemployment and disaffected youth. Today there are hosts of nonprofit park partners and even local communities willing to help. Recently reintroduced to a handful of parks through public spirited philanthropy, the conservation corps for youth is an exceptionally impactful program from the past that should be a part of every national park's future.

National Park Service, State Of Utah Proposing To Extend Ferry Ramp At Glen Canyon National Park

As Lake Powell continues to drop in elevation due to poor snow years, the National Park Service and state of Utah are proposing to extend a ferry ramp at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area so motorists can benefit from a "shortcut" between Bullfrog and Halls Crossing. Without the ferry service, which takes roughly 25 minutes to move between the two marinas, motorists would be looking at a two-and-a-half-hour drive.