Stepping Into the Icebox: A January Visit To Yellowstone National Park

Rocky Mountain air starts out dry, and then the sub-zero cold of its winters pulls out just about all of whatever atmospheric moisture remains. The result is not just a crystal clear sky, but one that seemingly is magnified. Looking at the constellations above Craig Pass in Yellowstone National Park, it sure seemed possible to reach up and pluck a star out of the night.

Yellowstone Association Institute Opening New Campus Just Outside Yellowstone National Park

For years the Buffalo Ranch in Yellowstone National Park's Lamar Valley has been the field headquarters for the Yellowstone Association Institute. Well, the association is expanding with the opening later this year of an 80-acre campus north of the park near Gardiner, Montana.

Rangers Investigating Utah Man Who Skied Into Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park rangers are looking into the story of a Utah man who cross-country skied into the park in November, allegedly armed with a Glock 9mm. The man appears to have camped alongside the Madison River outside of designated campgrounds. He also found some time to enjoy the warm waters of hot springs near Madison Junction, something that also is against park regs.

Where In the National Park System Will You Venture in 2010?

Winter is a great time for planning national park vacations. These suggestions will help you get started in the right direction, whether your interests are mainstream or nontraditional.
Repairing Paradise: The Restoration of Nature in America "Repairing Paradise." That's a somewhat inauspicious title for a book that examines how to restore natural settings in the national parks. But in light of many scenarios that are playing out across the National Park System -- from parks being overrun by elk, deer, and even people to ecosystem subterfuge -- repairs are exactly what need to be made.

40 Below In Yellowstone National Park! What Was I Thinking?

What can you do in Yellowstone National Park when the wind-chill is pushing the "feels like" temperature towards 40 below? I'm not sure, but I'll figure it out Thursday when I find myself at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.

2009 Visitation To Yellowstone National Park Reached Record Levels

Despite one of the worst economies in recent memory, visitors flocked to Yellowstone National Park in 2009. In fact, the year was a record breaker, with nearly 3.3 million visitors passing through the park's gates.

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