What To Look For When Shopping For Bear Spray For Your Next National Park Adventure

Summer backpack trips and hikes are months away, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be making up gear lists in January or February. And if you're heading to a national park frequented by grizzly or black bears, you'd be wise to look into bear sprays.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Counted Nearly 9.7 Million Visitors In 2012

A large jump in visitation at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2012 over 2011 is being attributed to mild weather during the winter and spring months.

More Than 900 Species New To Science Found In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Stand in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and you can't help but be enthralled by the lush forests and rolling mountains that surround you. Though a somewhat old landscape to modern civilization, the park continues to toss surprises in terms of the species that inhabit it.

Renovations To Upgrade Sugarlands Visitor Center In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Starting January 7, the Sugarlands Visitor Center in Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg, Tennessee undergoes renovations to improve the layout of the main lobby and visitor contact area.

Trails We Hiked in 2012 That We Think You'll Like

Few national park visits are complete without a hike of some distance and duration. We made the following hikes in the parks the past year, and think you'll find them interesting possibilities for 2013.

Check Out The National Parks We Explored In 2012

Part of the fun of the National Park System is exploring the various units to see what they have to offer. Here's a look at parks the Traveler "explored" in 2012.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Friends Of The Smokies Team Up To Hang Bear Wires In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A joint effort by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Friends of the Smokies has made it a wee bit safer for backcountry travelers in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

"Old-time Mountain Music" CD From Great Smoky Mountains National Park Earns Grammy Nomination

In 1939 a young graduate student named Joseph S. Hall spent nine months getting to know the people living in and around the newly created Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and recording their music and stories. Over 60 years later part of his work is included in a CD," Old-Time Smoky Mountain Music" that's been nominated for a Grammy.

Add To Your Collection Of National Park Memorabilia

How do you collect your national park memories?

Creature Feature: Some Squirrels Really Can Fly

Humans weren't the only ones stocking up for a feast this month. Flying squirrels, which call a number of national parks home, have been busy with their own meals with winter coming.