Water Safety for Hikers Featured in New Podcast from the Great Smoky Mountains Association

A podcast about water safety might sound like a project from a park located on the beach rather than in the mountains, but there are good reasons for a new free video offered by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Here's where you can view "Water Safety and Day Hiking"—and why everyone who enjoys the out-of-doors should see it.

Donate To a Good Cause And You Could Wind Up with a Log Cabin Near Great Smoky Mountains National Park

For a $100 donation you could help a good cause and possibly find yourself with the keys to a log cabin near Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

National Geographic's Trails Illustrated Division Ships New Maps on Great Smoky, Voyageurs National Parks

Maps are wonderful things to have, even if you do no more with them than pull them out, ponder over them for a while, and then return them to safe storage. New releases from National Geographic's Trails Illustrated division give you more reason to dream about exploring the National Park System.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Ready to Remove "Experimental" Tag From Elk Herd

After nine years of nurturing an elk herd, biologists at Great Smoky Mountains National Park believe they can remove the "experiemental" tag from the herd and develop a long-term management program for it.

Becoming A Junior Ranger At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

One of the great aspects about being a youngster in the national parks is becoming a Junior Ranger. Watching my granddaughter, Hannah, become a Junior Ranger in GreatSmoky Mountains National Park was as much a treat for me as it was for her!

RV Accident in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Injures 6

Driving a large motor home can be tricky on the smoothest and straightest of roads, but traveling through Great Smoky Mountains National Park carries its own risks, as seven visitors discovered Monday when their RV slid 100 feet down a slope, injuring six of the seven occupants.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Looking For Volunteers To ID Ash Trees

Looking for an excuse to take a hike? Then head to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and help rangers identify the locations of ash trees in the park.

Cherokee Orchard Road, Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Under Construction

If you want to visit Rainbow Falls in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the immediate future, be careful with your plans or you'll have to make a longer hike to do so.

PEER Complains About Plant Collecting In National Parks, NPS Says It's Proposing Regulatory Changes

It's long been said that you should take only photographs and leave only footprints when you visit a national park. Well, a dispute over whether Native Americans can legally collect plants in the parks has prompted a group to call for a federal investigation into whether the National Park Service is looking the other way.

Cherokee Students Excavate Ancestral House at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A summer archeological field program at Great Smoky Mountains National Park offered more than science for a group of students from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians—it also allowed them to connect with their ancestral past.