Mojave Desert Land Trust Secures More than 950 Acres for Joshua Tree National Park

Earlier this month we mentioned how the Trust for Public Lands had secured more than 400 acres for Mount Rainier National Park. Now we can pass on that the Mojave Desert Land Trust has obtained more than 950 acres for Joshua Tree National Park.

Stargazing Scheduled for Great Smoky Mountains, Mount Rainier National Parks This Weekend

Here's hoping for clear skies Saturday night in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Mount Rainier National Park, where rangers will be leading stargazing programs.

Trails I've Hiked: Deep Creek/Martins Gap/Indian Creek Loop In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This low-altitude hike in the Deep Creek section of Great Smoky Mountains National Park can be done any time of the year, but it shines in the fall when trees change color along the creek. The loop is also popular in winter once snow and ice close sections of the park that are much higher.

Odds and Ends From Visitor Surveys at National Parks: You'd Be Surprised At Some of the Answers

Pay attention, national park managers and staff. If there's nothing else you do well, be sure to keep the restrooms clean and stocked.

Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park Buys 20 Acres for The Park

All it took to expand Great Smoky Mountains National Park by 20 acres was a little more than three-quarters of a million dollars.

Fall Spectacular: Fall Colors Delight Motorists on National Park Roads -- Part I, Eastern States

Many national park scenic drives offer fall colors as a seasonal bonus. Here are some picks and tips for following the crowd or taking the road less traveled in the eastern states.

Fall Spectacular: What's That Sound? Where To Listen To -- And Look For -- Wildlife in the National Parks

In the fall, animals and birds prepare for winter. Bears eat constantly to fatten up before they slow down. Many birds are already on their migration path. Elk and other ungulates are preparing for the mating ritual, the rut. Take a look -- or stop and listen -- in many national parks this Fall and you'll catch a glimpse of this autumnal spectacular.

Fall Spectacular: Elk Once Again Bugle In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A male elk ambles through the field checking his harem. He sidles up to each cow and sniffs her rump. Raising his massive rack of antlers, he sees two young bucks, chases them out of the field, and resumes his inspection. He lifts his face to the sky and bugles – a loud, mournful sound that resounds throughout the area. Bugling tells females he’s here and warns other males to stay away.

Road Work Will Close Clingmans Dome Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Mid-September

There will be a one-week closure of the Clingmans Dome Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park later this month so crews can finish paving and striping the road.

Water Safety for Hikers Featured in New Podcast from the Great Smoky Mountains Association

A podcast about water safety might sound like a project from a park located on the beach rather than in the mountains, but there are good reasons for a new free video offered by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Here's where you can view "Water Safety and Day Hiking"—and why everyone who enjoys the out-of-doors should see it.