Spring Is A Good Time To Be Thinking About River Trips In the National Park System

Snowmelt's running around the National Park System, which makes it a perfect time to start thinking about paddling trips in the parks. Here are some ideas, and contacts, that can help you get wet in the months ahead.

Grand Canyon National Park to Host Third Annual "Celebrate Wildlife Day” on May 1st

On May 1, Grand Canyon National Park’s annual “Celebrate Wildlife Day” will offer great opportunities for visitors to learn about the park’s fascinating wildlife and the work of the biologists who study them.
Ranger Confidential: Living, Working, And Dying In The National Parks Television shows love to portray park rangers as fit and polite, beaming dazzling smiles, displaying knowledge that knows no bounds, nerves of steel, and with dashing personalities. And then there are the realities, as Andrea Lankford describes in her latest book, Ranger Confidential: Living, Working, and Dying in the National Parks.

Dining At The Parks: High Desert Black Bean Burger With Sunflower Sauce

Stroll into a dining room just about anywhere in the Southwest and you'll find some entree that includes black beans. At the Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim of the canyon they've found a way to get black beans into a burger.

New Interpretive Panels Explain Ancestral Puebloan Life at Grand Canyon

Hikers who reach the bottom of the "inner gorge" at Grand Canyon National Park can learn more about the ancient cultures that once lived there thanks to the addition of interpretive panels erected next to ruins near Phantom Ranch.

Reader Participation Survey: How Much Local Control Should Be Exerted Over National Parks?

Should there be more uniformity across the National Park System when it comes to regulations pertaining to such activities as air tours, mountain biking, and personal watercraft use, just to name three sensitive issues?

NPCA: Tell the Obama Administration That Clear Air And Clear Views Across National Parks are Vital

Debate over the country's energy needs, environmental conditions, and the resulting quality of life is not new. It's unending, ongoing, and downright rancorous at times. But does it need to be? With hazy views across spectacular parks in the Southwest, how can we turn that debate into solutions?
National Geographic Park Profiles: Yellowstone Country Though no doubt driven by marketing aspirations, the National Geographic Society has rereleased three books that will take you into the heart of some iconic national parks.

Botanists At Grand Canyon National Park Working to Bring Plant Back from the Brink

It's a tiny plant, one with a beautiful purple flower, and it just might be one that can be brought back from the brink of extinction.

Searchers Find Two Missing Grand Canyon Hikers

On Tuesday, searchers at Grand Canyon National Park located two overdue hikers. The two Kansas men, who were found in good condition, had been reported missing after failing to return March 20.