Search On For Overdue Hikers In Grand Canyon National Park

Rangers are looking for two 25-year-old men overdue from a backpacking trek in Grand Canyon National Park.

Sen. McCain Has Proposal For Air Tours Over Grand Canyon National Park, But is It A Good One?

During the run-up to the 2008 presidential election, Senator John McCain of Arizona was applauded by many as a friend of the national parks. However, some groups are now wondering why the senator is supporting legislation that would increase air tours over Grand Canyon National Park, an experience that offers many incredible views of the park and yet one that others criticize for the noisy intrusion on the park setting.
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How Might the National Park System Appear if Not for the Use of the Antiquities Act of 1906?

Devils Postpile National Monument, copyright Kurt Repanshek
If the Antiquities Act, which allows presidents to set aside national monuments, had never been created, how might that have affected the National Park System as we see it today?

Grand Canyon National Park Officials Want To Keep Mule Rides in the Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park officials, who have been mulling the continued use of mule trips in the canyon, are supporting a plan that would allow 10,000 mules rides a year on the South Rim and as many as 8,000 on the North Rim.

Reader Participation Day: Where Are the Best Waterfalls In the National Park System?

Waterfall Ohe o Gorge, Haleakala National Park, copyright Q.T. Luong
Two of the most incredible waterfalls in the National Park System can be found in Yellowstone National Park. But it certainly doesn't have a monopoly on waterworks. Olympic National Park boasts the beautifully secluded Marymere Falls, Glacier National Park the towering Bird Woman Falls, and Great Smoky Mountain National Park the comparatively small but gorgeous-just-the-same Abrams Falls. What other waterfalls in the park system deserve to be singled out for their beauty?

Stranded Rafters In Grand Canyon National Park Get Unexpected Helicopter Lift

A group of rafters heading down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park received an unexpected helicopter lift when their boat became stranded on a rock garden in the river near Crystal Rapid. This was no quick and easy rescue, though, as it took 14 rangers, with air support, more than a day to get the rafters heading back downstream.

The Grand Canyon: A Quick Peek

This short video gives you a quick overall of that hole in the ground known as the Grand Canyon.

Environmental Groups Ask Feds to Require Reduced Pollution from Four Corners Power Plant

Haze at Grand Canyon.
The effects of coal-fired power plants in the Four Corners area on national parks and residents of the region have been a point of contention between environmental groups and power companies for years. A coalition of groups has now asked federal agencies to require measures to reduce pollution from the Four Corners Power Plant.

Much-Needed Changes at Grand Canyon's Mather Point Start Next Month

Aerial view of Mather Point before recent improvements.
Those traffic snarls and endless searches for a parking place at Mather Point at Grand Canyon National Park should soon be a distant memory. Work will get underway next month on the second and final phase of improvements planned for the spot where most visitors get their first look at the Grand Canyon.

USGS Says High Colorado River Flows Benefit the Grand Canyon

High flows of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park that mimic natural ebbs and flows are beneficial for the river corridor, according to a U.S. Geological Survey report. However, the report notes that many of the benefits are erased within six months due to energy demands that dictate releases through the Glen Canyon Dam.