A Weekend Well-Lived: Trail Running in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley sand dunes by Meghan Hicks
You can find trail runners in more than a few national parks these days, and Death Valley National Park, with its wide-open spaces and roads running through tight canyons, is a spectacular draw for those looking for great scenery and solitude on their runs, as Meghan Hicks and her friends discovered earlier this year.

Last Known Painting Of Death Valley Scotty Back in Death Valley National Park

"Death Valley Scotty" was a raconteur to most, a rapscallion to others, and a legend in the landscape now known as Death Valley National Park. With that background, it's fitting that the last known portrait of Scotty is back in the park.

National Park Quiz 94: Ringer IV

Nine of the first ten statements are true, but one is not. Can you tell which one is the ringer? You might want to try the two bonus questions too.

Climate Change Expected To Drive Joshua Trees From 90 Percent Of Its Range Within 60-90 Years

By the end of the century, possibly sooner, a hotter climate likely will wipe out Joshua trees from 90 percent of their current range, which includes Joshua Tree National Park, according to U.S. Geological Survey researchers.

Summer Special: Ten National Parks With Lodging For Under $100 Per Night, Tent Not Required

You don't need to sleep in a tent to make a national park visit affordable. Our lodging experts have found 10 national parks where you can book a room for less than $100 a night.

National Park Service Linking Good Health With Park Visits During National Parks Week

In promoting this year's National Park Week, which falls in mid-April, the National Park Service is highlighting what might seem obvious: Getting outside is good for your health.

Family With Long Ties to Death Valley National Park Takes over Stovepipe Wells Concessions

A family-run business with long ties to Death Valley National Park has taken over the concessions at Stovepipe Wells, where it'll run a hotel, saloon, and restaurant.

Snow-capped Mountains Offer a Different Look at Death Valley National Park

A mention of Death Valley National Park doesn't conjure up images of snow-capped mountains for most of us, and even the first words you read on the park website—"Hottest, Driest, Lowest"—don't sound much like winter. That makes the park scene on January 3, 2011, a bit out of the ordinary.

Scotty's Castle Cookhouse Returns from the Ashes at Death Valley National Park

Why does a castle need a cookhouse? A favorite attraction for visitors to Death Valley National Park is Scotty's Castle, and another part of the fabled building's story can now be told with the restoration of the historic cookhouse.

Creature Feature: The Desert Tarantula Looks Big, Hairy, and Scary

The tarantula's fearsome appearance belies the fact that this docile, reclusive creature is nearly harmless.