Spring Wildflower Bloom Lingering at Death Valley National Park

While spring weather has been fleeting in the West, with wintry incursions, the cooler, wet weather has prolonged the spring wildflower bloom at Death Valley National Park.
Among fishes, perhaps none are watched as closely as the Devils Hole Pupfish, which live on the very brink of extinction in a tiny warm spring that is part of Death Valley National Park. Via two video cameras -- one above the water's surface, the other underwater -- researchers keep tabs on the fish. And that's how they captured the effects of a recent earthquake on the small pool of water.

Here's An Update On the Wildflower Bloom at Death Valley National Park

If you've wanted to catch the wildflower bloom at Death Valley National Park, you better get to the park soon, as things are coming and going quickly, according to a dispatch from the park.

Dining At The Parks: Jalepeno Cheese Cake from the Furance Creek Inn in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is a pretty hot place, so it shouldn't be any surprise that at the upscale Furnace Creek Inn they offer Jalepeno Cheese Cake for dessert in the desert.

National Park Mystery Photo 20 Revealed: A Door Knob At Scotty's Castle In Death Valley National Park

Well, it appears we had a pretty good stumper in this latest Mystery Photo, though one reader came close enough to identify where the photo was taken, but not explain exactly what it was.

Death Valley National Park Lodge Remodeling Nears Completion

Near-completion of a $2.5 million, two-year remodeling was evident during our recent stay at Death Valley National Park's Furnace Creek Ranch.

If There's A Noticeable "Peak Bloom" At Death Valley National Park, It'll Be In Late March, Early April

Lake Manly, as seen from Dantes View, NPS photo.
The guessing game on how significant the spring bloom in Death Valley National Park will be continues. No one is willing yet to say it will rival the 2005 showcase, but Park Service officials are predicting the "peak bloom," if there is one, will arrive in late March and into early April.

A Look at Some More Somewhat Unusual Lodges in the National Park System

If you're looking for a national park lodge that isn't on everybody's tongue, you might want to consider one of the following.

Will This Spring Be Colorful In Death Valley National Park?

Will the coming months prove to be particularly colorful in Death Valley National Park? That's a good question, but past history of wildflower blooms in the park would seem to indicate that while there might be more flowers than usual, there won't be a spectacular bloom that sweeps the park.

Death Valley Road Projects Complicate Scotty’s Castle Access and Ubehebe Crater Parking

The Bonnie Clare Road (Scotty’s Castle Road) will be closed to traffic January 12-14 for road maintenance, necessitating a Nevada detour for Scotty’s Castle visitors. The Ubehebe Crater parking area will be closed from January 4 until March.