If There's A Noticeable "Peak Bloom" At Death Valley National Park, It'll Be In Late March, Early April

Lake Manly, as seen from Dantes View, NPS photo.
The guessing game on how significant the spring bloom in Death Valley National Park will be continues. No one is willing yet to say it will rival the 2005 showcase, but Park Service officials are predicting the "peak bloom," if there is one, will arrive in late March and into early April.

A Look at Some More Somewhat Unusual Lodges in the National Park System

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Will This Spring Be Colorful In Death Valley National Park?

Will the coming months prove to be particularly colorful in Death Valley National Park? That's a good question, but past history of wildflower blooms in the park would seem to indicate that while there might be more flowers than usual, there won't be a spectacular bloom that sweeps the park.

Death Valley Road Projects Complicate Scotty’s Castle Access and Ubehebe Crater Parking

The Bonnie Clare Road (Scotty’s Castle Road) will be closed to traffic January 12-14 for road maintenance, necessitating a Nevada detour for Scotty’s Castle visitors. The Ubehebe Crater parking area will be closed from January 4 until March.

Senator Feinstein Offers Legislation To Protect Desertscape in and Around Death Valley, Joshua Tree National Parks

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced legislation that would create 90,000 acres of officially designated wilderness in Death Valley National Park, and buffer parts of Joshua Tree National Park with national monuments encompassing roughly 1 million acres.
California_Protection_Act_2010.pdf230.57 KB

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Traveler's Checklist: Death Valley National Park

What is it about the hard salt pan, the shifting sand dunes, and the life-threatening temperatures that make Death Valley National Park such a lure with travelers?

Discovery of Skeletal Remains in Death Valley National Park May Solve an Old Mystery

Death Valley
The disappearance of four German tourists in Death Valley National Park thirteen years ago led to a massive and lengthy search, but no trace of the group was ever found. The discovery yesterday of skeletal remains in a remote area of the park may finally close the case.

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