Search Under Way In Mesa Verde National Park For Missing Man

A search was under way Tuesday morning for a man reported missing at Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado.

Photography In The National Parks: How About A Little HDR?

I must be honest and admit that I am on the fence regarding HDR. When done well, an HDR image is rich with color, depth, and detail. When not done well, an HDR image is a bizarre, over-edited scene. So why on earth would I write an article about something for which I don’t always care? Read on.

Mesa Verde National Park To Serve As Backdrop For Photography Workshop This Fall

While you can learn a lot from reading Traveler's twice-monthly photography columns by Deby Dixon and Rebecca Latson, sometimes you just need to get out into the field to hone your skills. And you'll have that chance this fall in Mesa Verde National Park.

Photography In The National Parks: Made For Monochrome

Color photographs are the mainstay of the national park traveler, but black and white has its role in the parks, too.

Mesa Verde National Park Offering Backcountry Hikes This Year

Some fascinating backcountry ranger-led hikes are on tap at Mesa Verde National Park this summer, offering you insights into places such as Oak Tree House and Spring House.

Can You Identify These "Historic Firsts" In The National Park System?

The country's first National Historic Site celebrated its 75th anniversary earlier this month, and the occasion offers the opportunity for some fun challenges for NPS trivia buffs. Can you identify the NPS area claiming this historic "first"? How about the location of America's first National Battlefield, or the former national park that's now a national monument?

Mesa Verde National Park To Sell Tickets For Cliff Dwelling Tours Beginning April 7

Tickets for tours of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park will go on sale April 7 at the park's new Visitor and Research Center.

Stop By Mesa Verde Visitor And Research Center On Your Next Trip To Mesa Verde National Park

A wonderful new visitor center is ready to greet you at Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado, one that can orient you to the park and which features some of the more than 3 million artifacts in the park's collections.

Photography In The National Parks: Sunrises, Sunsets And Silky Waters

Sunrise from Park Point, Mesa Verde NP, copyright Rebecca Latson
Sunrises, sunsets, and silky waters. We all strive to capture those images during our tours of the national parks, but what are the keys we need to focus on to succeed?

National Park Lodging: Who's Taking Care Of These Buildings? Part II

While many national park lodges are on the National Register of Historic Places, not all lodges reflect the preservation and well-maintained appearance you might expect for such properties. In this, the second of our two-part series, the Traveler looks at why some properties are not as well-maintained as you might expect.