Here's a Handy Website For Following National Park Issues Concerning World Heritage Sites

Quite a few U.S. national parks are listed as World Heritage Sites, and they're often in the news. There's a handy website out there run by the National Park Service's Office of International Affairs that can help you stay abreast of issues involving this sites.

Mesa Verde National Park Protects Not Only Vestiges of a Lost Culture, But Also Wilderness

Forty-five years after the first wilderness areas were designated in the United States, the Mesa Verde Wilderness area remains largely unknown to the public, even though most people in Cortez can see it every day.

Dining At The Parks: Mesa Verde National Park's Chef Ensures The Southwest Flows Through his Dishes

Talk regional cuisines and when the region that pops up is the Southwest you know the talk is going to get spicy: Chipotle peppers with their rich, smoky flavor, habaneros with their bite, and potentially potent chile rellenos. But Southwestern cuisine is more diverse than its bite might indicate. You can discover that during a meal in the Metate Room at Mesa Verde National Park, where the menu is built around bison, elk, turkey and quail, as well as squash, black beans, and tortillas.

Plans Announced to Digitally Map Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Digital mapping. This relatively new technology is a boon to archaeologists and preservationists. It's already been employed at Mesa Verde National Park, and now plans are in the works to digitally map the focal point of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

If You’re Touring Mesa Verde, She Said, Be Sure to Ask for Paula

Dumb and Dumber got a big surprise at Mesa Verde National Park. Sometimes even a blind hog will find an acorn.

Mesa Verde’s Tribal Park Neighbor: So Near, So Far, So Different

Dumb and Dumber trips can take interesting twists and turns. We’d seen similar cliff dwellings just a few miles away at Mesa Verde National Park but this Ute Mountain Tribal Park experience was oh, so different.

Upon Further Review - Wacky Question of the Week

Ranger talking to visitors.
Another summer is almost here, and with it, the opportunity for those who work in parks to field some excellent questions from visitors. Along the way, those rangers and volunteers will also undoubtedly encounter a few new candidates for the wacky question of the week.

Descendants of Mesa Verde Anasazi Help Produce a Musical Masterpiece

The Pueblo Indians in New Mexico and northern Arizona are descendants of the Ancestral Puebloans who abandoned the cliff dwellings now preserved in Mesa Verde National Park. Does the modern pueblo culture straddle the ages? See for yourself. Just cue this composite audio/video, turn up the volume, and get ready for a surprise.

Tracing The Postage Stamp-Sized History of the National Park System

You could call it a postage stamp-sized history of the National Park System, but the history of park scenes on U.S. postage is really quite colorful and carries a few stories with it.

It's Not Too Early To Start Planning This Summer's National Park Vacation

Sure, the calendar says January, there's a lot of snow out there across the country, and you haven't even thought about filing your income taxes. But it's still not too early to begin planning your national park vacation for this summer.