Traveler's Checklist: Mesa Verde National Park

Situated on the Colorado Plateau in southwestern Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park offers a wonderful opportunity to experience a unique cultural and physical landscape. The park's numerous archeological sites, including renowned Cliff Palace, are some of the most significant and best-preserved in the U.S.

Dining At The Parks: National Park Restaurants Striving To Raise the Culinary Bar

Like to mix food and national parks? Consider these special food attractions at Shenandoah, Mesa Verde, and Olympic national parks.

New Tours Add to the Archaeological Richness of Mesa Verde National Park

News that three additional tours will be available this year at Mesa Verde National Park is great news, for public access to the rich cultural resources in this park long has been restricted to five cliff dwellings.

Three New Guided Hikes at Mesa Verde National Park Offer a Unique Experience for Visitors

Mug House
A visit to Mesa Verde National Park and its famous cliff dwellings has long provided a look at some of the best archeological treasures in the country. Three new guided hikes will offer a much different experience for a limited number of visitors: a chance to get away from the crowds and see some rarely visited sites. Space is limited and sign-up begins April 26.

Researchers Exploring Cave Dwellers From Bandelier National Monument's Long Ago Past

The American Southwest is honeycombed with ruins from long-past civilizations. Mesa Verde National Park and Canyon de Chelly National Monument are well-known for their cliff dwellings, while at Bandelier National Monument the sandstone walls are pocked with "cavates" used as shelter centuries ago.

NPCA: Tell the Obama Administration That Clear Air And Clear Views Across National Parks are Vital

Debate over the country's energy needs, environmental conditions, and the resulting quality of life is not new. It's unending, ongoing, and downright rancorous at times. But does it need to be? With hazy views across spectacular parks in the Southwest, how can we turn that debate into solutions?

Save 25 Percent On Your Next Visit To Mesa Verde National Park

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, Kurt Repanshek photo
Still wondering which national park to visit this summer? The folks who run the Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde National Park hope to entice you there with savings of 25 percent.

Interior Department Wants Transparency, FOIA Process Impedes That Goal

Interior Department officials launched an intriguing web portal the other day, one touted as promoting transparency in government operations. Well, one place Interior officials could create a whole lot of transparency is by adding more staff to handle Freedom of Information Act requests, which currently move at a glacial pace.

Lost in the Boonies? What's Your Most Important Task?

Search dog and handler.
People who find themselves lost in the boonies, whether it's forest, field, desert or other terrain, frequently make the same mistake. If you find yourself unsure which route leads back to civilization, a recent incident at the Buffalo National River offers a clue about your most important task.

Dining At The Parks: Cinnamon & Chile Rubbed Pork Tenderloin At Mesa Verde National Park

From time to time we try to profile restaurants, and even chefs, in the national parks. Last fall, after we ran a feature on the chef at the Metate Room Restaurant in Mesa Verde National Park, some readers asked about recipes. Well, for all who want to try to master one of the entrees served up there, here's Chef Brian Puett's recipe for Cinnamon & Chile Rubbed Port Tenderloin.