North Unit Scenic Drive In Theodore Roosevelt National Park Reopens To End

The entire 14 miles of the North Unit Scenic Drive in Theodore Roosevelt National Park reopens to traffic today at 9 a.m. after road slumps back in August 2011 forced closure of the last 7 miles of the drive.

Trails I've Hiked: The Ridgeline Nature Trail At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Badlands sprawled out in every direction I looked. East, west, south, or north, from the Ridgeline Trail in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park it was easy to understand how the "badlands" term was coined.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota State Parks Feeling Pressures Of Energy Boom

On clear, calm nights, from the top of Buck Hill you can see them flickering off in the distance. Not campfires, but rather gas flares, emblematic of North Dakota's energy boom, glimmering after dark. Here, in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the flares are just one sign of how the boom, spurred in large part by fracking, are impacting the park.

Weed Spraying At Theodore Roosevelt National Park On Monday

If you're planning to be in Theodore Roosevelt National Park on Monday, you might want to keep an eye out for aerial weed-spraying operations. 

How Might The National Park System Fare Under A "President Romney"?

With Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, vague on details concerning his plans for reducing the federal deficit and shrinking government, speculation is running heavy, and it's not encouraging for the National Park System.

Head Into The Wilderness Of Theodore Roosevelt National Park This Sunday

If you're planning to be in North Dakota this coming weekend, celebrate the Labor Day holiday with a hike into the backcountry of Theodore Roosevelt National Park on Sunday.

Star Party Planned For Theodore Roosevelt National Park's North Unit This Weekend

If you find yourself in Theodore Roosevelt National Park this weekend, head for the North Unit where they're going to be having a star party.

Birding In The National Parks: Attracting Birds With Recorded Bird Calls

What do you think of using recorded bird calls to lure birders towards your binoculars or camera? It's a controversial practice in some circles, but others consider it harassing birds.

Where Can You Find Wildlife In Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

Badlands comprise a great portion of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. But that doesn't mean they're lifeless lands. Spend a little time in the park, keep your eyes and ears open, and you might be surprised by what you see.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Now Has Its Own Page On The Traveler

You can add Theodore Roosevelt National Park to the list of national parks that have their own "mini-guide" on the Traveler. Visit these pages and you'll find information on hiking, lodging, camping, birding, and more.