North Dakota is Still on My Bucket List

Adding Theodore Roosevelt National Park to my life list has proven to be an immensely frustrating task. The darn thing is in North Dakota.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Needs Packers To Help With Elk Culling

When Theodore Roosevelt National Park officials move forward this fall with a plan to reduce the park's elk population, they'll need professional meat packers to get the elk carcasses out of the park. If you fit that bill, now's the time to apply.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Announces Plan to Use Volunteers to Help Cull Elk Herd

Park rangers and volunteer hunters could begin work this fall to cull elk herds at Theodore Roosevelt National Park by more than half if the park's elk management plan gains final approval in about a month. NPS photo.

Come Ski, or Snowshoe, In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Sure, it gets cold and snowy in North Dakota. That's why you have to keep moving when you're outdoors. At Theodore Roosevelt National Park, they'll help you stay warm by leading snowshoe and cross-country ski treks across the park's North Unit.

National Park Quiz 77: Both

Maybe one, maybe the other, but how about both? This month’s national park quiz will find out if you know. Answers are at the end. If we catch you cheating, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “The word both is an adjective meaning not just one of two, but the two together.”

Rediscovering the Lowly Lichen across the National Park System

Lungwort, copyright Kirby Adams
Lichens, which sprout throughout the National Park System, are the Rodney Dangerfield of the natural world. They just don’t get any respect. Lichenologists likewise don’t garner much recognition for their lifetimes spent poking around the crusty grey stuff on tree trunks. Among others, one intrepid man in California is taking steps to remedy both of those deficiencies.

Reader Participation Survey: Should Hunters Be Used to Manage National Park Wildlife?

It's fall. There's a crispness in the air, trees are painting the landscape with their colorful leaves, elk are in the rut. And in some national parks, hunters are being dispatched to tamp down those elk populations. Is that the right way to approach wildlife management in the National Park System?

Want a Horse? Theodore Roosevelt National Park Will Auction About 90 Wild Horses Oct 23

With too many wild horses on their hands, the folks at Theodore Roosevelt National Park have scheduled an auction for October 23 to sell about 90 head to the public.

A National Register Nomination Kicks Up a Fuss in North Dakota

A federal proposal to add about 12,000 acres of historic ranchland in and near Theodore Roosevelt National Park to the National Register of Historic Places has many North Dakotans concerned about possible land-use constraints.

With the Fall Rut Beginning, Wind Cave National Park Rangers Leading Elk Bugling Programs

One of the oddest sounds you might encounter in a national park at this time of year is the high-pitched squeal of elk. Better known as "bugling," this sound is as magical as that of a wolf howl hanging in the air.