What's the Best For Elk In Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

On a recent Monday, as I was hiking near treeline in a quiet part of Rocky Mountain National Park, I rounded a corner to see a gigantic bull elk. He hadn’t seen me, but ran down the open hillside to a creek, where he pawed at the water and thrashed at it with his antlers, sending up silver curves of droplets and a splashing sound through the small valley. He then slowed to drink.

Managing Elk at Theodore Roosevelt National Park – The NPS has Released Its Plan

How to deal with too many elk at Theodore Roosevelt National Park has been more than a bit controversial, with a North Dakota Senator weighing into the debate with some serious political muscle. The NPS has just released its preferred alternative for resolving the issue.

Senator From North Dakota Trying to Legislate Elk Management in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

A U.S. senator, unhappy with progress Theodore Roosevelt National Park officials are making on reducing the park's elk herd, is trying to legislate a hunt in the park to get the job done.

National Park Quiz 61: Heat

It’s July, so heat is as good a theme as any for this week’s quiz. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you devise 101 simple experiments illustrating that heat is an unavoidable byproduct of work.

Survey Shows Americans Love Bison But Largely Are Clueless About their Plight

Americans overwhelmingly love bison as an iconic image of the West, but are largely clueless over the ecological plight these animals face, according to a national survey.

A Bison Roundup and a Birthday Celebration Make for Busy Times at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

November 10 marks the 30th anniversary of National Park designation for Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The past few weeks have been busy at the park, which has staged a bison roundup as well as a celebration of Theodore Roosevelt’s 150th birthday.

How About Some Economic Stimulus for the National Park System?

With the Bush administration and Congress looking to one-up each other with economic stimuli, perhaps a little love could be shown to the National Park System. Lord knows it could use some.

Have High Gas Prices Deterred Travel within Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

High gas prices are causing many motorists to travel less and choose destinations closer to home. Do motorists who visit national parks also drive less inside the parks? Visitor data from North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park suggest that this might be happening.

Decisions on Controlling Elk in Theodore Roosevelt, Wind Cave National Parks Likely to Linger Into 2009

Don't expect a final decision this year on how the booming elk populations at Theodore Roosevelt or Wind Cave National Parks will be brought under control. National Park Service officials say they don't expect to have the National Environmental Policy Act process completed before year's end for either park.

Park Advocates Rallying Around Theodore Roosevelt National Park

A friends group is forming to support Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The group, Friends of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, is holding an organizational meeting on Sunday, June 29.