Finding Winter Bliss in a National Park Lodge

Winter can be a blissful time to visit the national parks. You can head south, and enjoy the warm weather and simply pitch your tent, or you can head to the snow belt and explore the parks on skis or snowshoes. But where should you stay? We asked our lodging experts, David and Kay Scott, for their recommendations.

Republicans On House Natural Resources Committee Planning Big Changes For Public Lands

Fresh off their Election Day tidal wave, and energized by it, Republican members of the House Natural Resources Committee are planning big changes for public lands in the West, changes that could greatly impact national parks.

Landscape Painting Contest Under Way At Zion National Park

Is there any purer method of landscape painting than plein air? If there's any doubt, visit Zion National Park this week to watch some of the best landscape artists at work in the 2nd annual "In the Footsteps Of Thomas Moran" contest.

Zion National Park's Shuttle Buses Operating Through November on Optional Basis

While mandatory shuttle bus service into Zion Canyon at Zion National Park ended at the end of October, the popular shuttles will continue on an optional basis Saturdays and Sundays through the end of November.

Overnight Closures of Zion-Mount Carmel Highway At Zion National Park to End

With the end in sight, nightly closures of the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway through Zion National Park will come to an end Friday, according to park officials.

Zion National Park Officials Developing Management Plan for WIld and Scenic Sections of Virgin River

It was back in March 2009 that portions of the Virgin River in and around Zion National Park were designated as "wild and scenic." In light of that designation, park officials are beginning work on a management plan for those sections.

Campsite No. 7 in Zion National Park Gives Up Its Garbage

During their visit to Zion National Park this summer, Jon Merryman and his son decided to clean up their campsite, No. 7 in the South Campground, before leaving the park. The accompanying photo shows what they gathered up.

How Much Garbage Can You Identify From Zion National Park?

It can be amazing how much garbage folks drop, unintentionally or otherwise, during camping trips to the national parks. The accompanying photo shows a collection of items long-time Traveler reader Jon Merryman and his son collected from their campsite in Zion National Park. How many can you identify?

Angels Landing Closures at Zion National Park Extended Due to Weather Delays

A previously announced closure of the popular Angels Landing Route in Zion National Park has been extended due to weather delays. Closures for route repairs and improvements were originally scheduled to end Thursday, October 14, but little work was completed the week of October 3 due to heavy rain and lightning.

Creating Power at Zion National Park...Sustainably

Zion National Park, which receives quite a bit of sunshine throughout the year, is turning more of those glorious rays into energy to help reduce the park's carbon footprint.