Campsite No. 7 in Zion National Park Gives Up Its Garbage

During their visit to Zion National Park this summer, Jon Merryman and his son decided to clean up their campsite, No. 7 in the South Campground, before leaving the park. The accompanying photo shows what they gathered up.

How Much Garbage Can You Identify From Zion National Park?

It can be amazing how much garbage folks drop, unintentionally or otherwise, during camping trips to the national parks. The accompanying photo shows a collection of items long-time Traveler reader Jon Merryman and his son collected from their campsite in Zion National Park. How many can you identify?

Angels Landing Closures at Zion National Park Extended Due to Weather Delays

A previously announced closure of the popular Angels Landing Route in Zion National Park has been extended due to weather delays. Closures for route repairs and improvements were originally scheduled to end Thursday, October 14, but little work was completed the week of October 3 due to heavy rain and lightning.

Creating Power at Zion National Park...Sustainably

Zion National Park, which receives quite a bit of sunshine throughout the year, is turning more of those glorious rays into energy to help reduce the park's carbon footprint.

Ill-Advised Leap Leads to Rescue from the Subway at Zion National Park

In the city, "don't jump from the subway" is good advice, but in Zion National Park, the caution is don't jump in the Subway. A hiker made an ill-advised leap in a remote location known as the Subway Route, and the resulting injury led to an unplanned night in the boonies and a rescue.

Work on Angels Landing in Zion National Park Shortened By One Day

A schedule change revolving around the upcoming rehabilitation work on the trail leading to Angels Landing in Zion National Park means the trail will only be closed for one day this week, not two as originally planned, according to park officials.

Got Time For A Fall National Park Visit? These Lodges Have Room

If you've got time to squeeze in a fall visit to a national park, here's some good news: There's quite a bit of lodging available in places such as Crater Lake, Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Death Valley national parks.

Improvements Mean Closures of Some Zion National Park Campgrounds

Not only is road work impacting visits to Zion National Park, but now some campsite units are being taken out of rotation so rehabilitation work can be done in the park's campgrounds.

Angels Landing in Zion National Park Will be Closed For Repairs in mid-September

Angels Landing, one of the most sought-out destinations in Zion National Park, will be temporarily closed later this month so route improvements can be made along the occasionally harrowing route to the top of the landing.

You Can't Always, or Fairly, Blame Technology For Visitor Woes in National Parks

The New York Times got a lot of mileage with its story this week about technology leading visitors into harm's way in national parks, but that's really not the case, is it? Wouldn't it be more correct to say people lead themselves into harm's way more often than not?