For Women Only: 5 Percent Discount On National Park Treks With Call of the Wild

Sorry guys, this offer isn't for you...unless you want to treat your wife, girlfriend, or sister to a "women only" guided trek through some of the West's national park landscapes.

Seminars at Joshua Tree National Park Will Explore Mysteries of the Desert and Teach Survival Skills

Deserts are fascinating places, but they also can be harsh and deadly if you're not prepared. With that in mind, a series of programs coming to Desert Institute at Joshua Tree National Park next month can give you the information and tools to enjoy, and survive, the desert.

Joshua Tree National Park to Kickoff 75th Birthday Celebration Later This Month

A year-long celebration of Joshua Tree National Park's 75th birthday kicks off January 29 when a celebration is held at Copper Mountain College in the town of Joshua Tree.

111th Congress Did Well When it Comes to National Park Wilderness, But It Could Have Done Better

A review of how Congress acted on wilderness legislation shows that the National Park System benefited quite nicely during the 111th session, but it could have fared better.

Keys Ranch Tours at Joshua Tree National Park are a Hit – Reservations Needed in 2011

When Bill and Frances Key homesteaded in the rugged Mohave Desert of Southern California in the early 1900s, they couldn't possibly have imagined that a century later, visitors to a national park would be taking tours of their ranch. The tours in Joshua Tree National Park have become so popular that as of January 1, 2011, reservations will be needed for the guided walks.

Joshua Tree National Park Gearing Up For 75th Anniversary

Joshua Tree National Park is gearing up for its 75th anniversary, which arrives next year, and has created a separate website to help you stay abreast of news and events associated with the year-long celebration.

Creature Feature: The Desert Tarantula Looks Big, Hairy, and Scary

The tarantula's fearsome appearance belies the fact that this docile, reclusive creature is nearly harmless.

Study Says Climate Change Could Make Yosemite National Park Hotter Than Sacramento

By the end of the century, climate change could drive typical temperatures in Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley and other national parks in California more than 7 degrees hotter than they were in the later half of the 20th century, according to a new study.

Joshua Tree National Park Looking At Flooding, Drainage Issues At Black Rock Campground

How flash floods might impact the Black Rock Campground at Joshua Tree National Park is a topic park officials are exploring as they look at how the campground might be improved down the road.

Search For Hiker in Joshua Tree National Park Has A Happy Ending

A 64-year-old California man missing in the rugged, canyon-riddled backcountry of Joshua Tree National Park since Friday was found Thursday in surprisingly good condition for someone who probably went several days in the desert without food or water.