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Acadia National Park

Distant Shores of Acadia National Park

Off the southeast edge of Mount Desert Island lies Baker Island, a seldom-seen corner of Acadia National Park. Stand on this island and the rugged profile of Mount Desert Island stands out sharply.

Seven miles out to sea, this small island holds one of the oldest lighthouses in the area, according to the National Park Service.

National Park Service

Keeping Track So They're Never Forgotten: National Park Service Workers Who Died on The Job

The list is long, more than 200 names stretching over a century and then some. It's a somber one, as well, tracking the deaths of National Park Service employees from a wide range of fates, from heart attacks to rockfalls to cold-blooded murder.

The Gate Lodges Of Acadia National Park: Rockefeller's Little Castles

Photographer and writer Steve Perrin was working in the planning office at Acadia when he lived at Brown Mountain gate house (or “gate lodge” as it’s officially called) during the winter of 1995–1996, “a true Maine winter, very cold with lots of snow.” Like other park employees before and after, Perrin was housed in a magnificent piece of history, employee housing whose great beauty belies its commonplace purpose.

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