Amistad National Recreation Area

2010 National Park System Visitation Dips To 281.3 Million, Down 4.2 Million From 2009

Bad weather, lack of a presidential inauguration, and safety concerns along the Southwestern border with Mexico apparently were the major drivers behind a slight dip in 2010 visitation to the National Park System from 2009 levels.

Christmas Gift Tryout Almost Ends in Tragedy for Amistad Kayaker

On Christmas Day, an Amistad National Recreation Area kayaker's just-acquired craft capsized, drifted away, and left him struggling for his life in bone-chilling water. It was a very near thing.

Flooding Continues at Amistad National Recreation Area

While flood waters have receded a bit at Lake Amistad National Recreation Area in Texas, a surge is expected in the coming days, which is bad news for those hoping to camp at the NRA. Some folks, though, see the flooding as a sight to see.

Fall and Winter Are Prime Seasons for Camping in These Parks

Campsite at Organ Pipe Cactus Nat. Mon.
It's just too hot to enjoy camping in some parks during the summer, but fall and winter are prime times for outdoor activity in those areas. Here's a sampling of NPS sites where the "off season" in the rest of the country can be the best season for camping.

Violent Deaths in the National Parks

During 2006, 11 homicides were investigated across the national park system. Two involved women who had been pushed off cliffs, one was a suicide, and one was the victim of a DUI accident.
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