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Big Bend National Park

Unknown Cache Of Letters Mailed To A Ghost Town May Rewrite History Of Big Bend National Park

A man in Raleigh, North Carolina “re-discovered” a cache of 34 letters in January 2014 while cleaning his garage after a water pipe began leaking. After nearly 30 years, the correspondences remained tucked inside manila archival folders labeled “miscellaneous stationary, 1934-41” and stored flat in a cardboard box with other paper collectibles, including a World War One naval aviator certificate. Now he claims the letters provide connections between known but seemingly unrelated events in Texas history and ultimately reveal the largest unknown political conspiracy of the Great Depression.

Photography In The National Parks: Your Armchair Guide To Big Bend National Park – Part 1

Thinking about visiting Big Bend National Park, Texas, to capture some great photographs? Contributing photographer Rebecca Latson continues her armchair photography guide series with Part 1 of a photo tour through this vast, remote national park.

Effort Under Way To Review National Park System Wilderness Possibilities

Will the National Park Service soon be pushing for more wilderness designations? That's difficult to say, in large part because only Congress can designate wilderness. Still, there's an effort under way by the Park Servie to take a look at wilderness possibilities across the park system.

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