Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park Receives $35,000 To Begin Stabilizing Fowey Rocks Lighthouse

A $35,000 gift is heading to Biscayne National Park to help begin stablization of the Fowey Rocks Lighthouse that the U.S. Coast Guard transferred to the park last fall.

Lightning-Sparked Fire Forces Closure Of Biscayne National Park In South Florida

Biscayne National Park in south Florida was closed Wednesday due to a lightning-sparked brush fire that was burning hundreds of acres along Canal Drive, park officials said.

Biscayne National Park Closes Elliott Key Harbor And Campground To Protect Visitors From Themselves

After watching several boat captains swim to shore after dropping off passengers and gear at Elliott Key Harbor for camping, Biscayne National Park officials have decided to close the harbor and campground to prevent possible drownings.

Where Can You See Wildlife Right Now: Alligators And Crocs At Biscayne National Park

Fascinated by alligators and crocodiles? You can find both in either Biscayne or Everglades national parks, and at this time of year they're slightly easier to spot than during the summer months.

Photography On Display At Biscayne National Park Through Late February

Unique glimpses of Biscayne National Park will be on display at the park's Dante Fascell Visitor Center Gallery through February 24 as award-winning photographer Matt Stock displays a dozen shots he took in and around the park.

A Five-Pack Of Parks Where Winter Is Anything But Off-Season

acadia cadillac mountain view in winter
From snowsports to whale watching, America’s national parks have it all come winter. Check out our five-pack of parks where winter gives you the entire country's worth of geographical getaways.

Updated: The Aftermath Of Superstorm Sandy On The National Park System

Nearly 70 National Park System units along the Eastern Seaboard were either fully or partially closed due to impacts from "superstorm Sandy," and it could be days before some reopen.

Beauty, Adventure, And Thievery: Plundering Biscayne National Park's Sunken Treasures

Biscayne National Park is an incredibly alluring park, 95 percent of which lies underwater. But Biscayne does not always attract pleasant visitors. Plagued by looters, the park constantly must spend extra time and money to keep criminals away from plundering the shipwrecks.

A Tale Of Two Lighthouses

Two late-19th century lighthouses with rich histories have changed hands, with one going from the U.S. Coast Guard to Biscayne National Park and the other going to a local government in Puerto Rico.

Miami Students Gain Access To Biscayne National Park Through "Ticket To Ride" Program

Nearly 2,000 Miami students will have an opportunity to visit Biscayne National Park thanks to the National Park Foundation's Ticket To Ride program.

Biscayne National Park Preparing For "Most Dangerous Weekend" Of The Year

It's being bill as "the most dangerous weekend of the year" at Biscayne National Park. "It" is Columbus Day Weekend, when the Annual Columbus Day Regatta sets sail.

Wolf Trap Foundation For The Performing Arts To Present Face Of America: Spirit Of South Florida

Inspired by graceful herons, crawling insects, and even alligators, the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts is focusing on south Florida's national parks in its latest edition of Face of America.

Florida, Gulf Coast Parks Ready To Ride Out Tropical Storm Issac

With Tropical Storm Issac taking aim on the Gulf Coast, national parks and seashores in its path are battening down and getting ready to ride out the storm.

U.S. House To Consider Legislation Opponents Believe Would Degrade Public Lands, National Parks

A package of legislation that sponsors call the Conservation and Economic Growth Act and which critics maintain would severely cripple the nation's environmental laws and pose a threat to the National Park System is expected to come up for a vote in the House of Representatives this week.

Dwindling Numbers Of Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly In Biscayne National Park Lead To Collecting Decision

In a bid to keep the Schaus Swallowtail butterfly from blinking into extinction, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials have authorized the collection of up to four of the colorful butterflies in Biscayne National Park.

Biscayne National Park's Proposed Marine Reserve Drawing Criticism From Some Quarters

A move being proposed by Biscayne National Park officials to create a 10,000-acre marine reserve in their waters to protect coral reefs and offer divers and snorkelers a place to explore without worrying about fishing lines is not going over well with everyone.

Turtle Nesting Season Has Biscayne National Park Officials Asking Visitors To Be Careful

With sea turtles coming ashore at Biscayne National Park for nesting, officials are urging park visitors to keep their distance from turtles and any nests they see.

12th Annual March For Parks Heads To Biscayne National Park On Saturday

If you live in south Florida, or are visiting the area this week, you might want to make plans to join the 12th Annual March for Parks to Biscayne National Park on Saturday.

Telling Rays Apart At Biscayne National Park

Can you tell the difference between manta rays and spotted eagle rays at Biscayne National Park?

Biscayne National Park Visitors Concerned About Climate Change And How It Could Impact the Park

A slight majority of Biscayne National Park visitors are worried about climate change, and about one-third believe the park already is being harmed by a warming climate, according to a survey conducted by Colorado State University researchers.
BISC-Climate Change Survey.pdf936.27 KB

Holiday Video Greetings from Your National Parks

The National Park Service is using modern technology to share holiday greetings from parks across the country. Short videos filmed in 15 parks are airing on the National Park Service's YouTube channel through the end of the month.

Biscayne National Park Seeks Recollections of Homestead's "Blacks Only" Beach

The National Park Service wants to interview people with firsthand knowledge of a racially segregated beach that once occupied the site of Biscayne National Park's main visitor center.

Biscayne National Park Working On Update To Its General Management Plan

Biscayne National Park officials are working on revising their General Management Plan to address a range of issues, from climate change and sea-level rise to declining fisheries and coral reefs.

Botanical Artworks Coming To Biscayne National Park

That national parks inspire artists is no surprise. And if you're heading to Biscayne National Park between September 16 and late November, you can see the results of that inspiration at the park's Dante Fascell Visitor Center.

East Coast National Park Units Bracing For Hurricane Irene

As Hurricane Irene continues plodding towards the Eastern Seaboard, units of the National Park System up and down the coast are preparing for the storm.

University of Georgia Study Finds That Cold Water, As With Warm Water, Can Kill Coral Reefs

University of Georgia researchers have determined that unusually cold seawater, as with unusually warm seawater, can be deadly for the coral reefs that can be found in places such as Virgin Islands and Biscayne national parks.

Groups Urge National Park Service To Block Transmission Lines Along Everglades National Park

A proposal to string a ribbon of high-voltage power lines along the edge of Everglades National Park is being met with strong opposition from a number of groups that want the Interior Department and Park Service to reject the request and purchase the land it would traverse.
Final_NPS_Avian_Report-10-6-10.pdf1.61 MB

Corporate Relations And The National Parks: Good Deal?

While corporate support can be vital to the health of national parks, whether to accept that support can be a challenging question, particularly in these times of financial stress and overall declines in charitable giving.

Biscayne National Park Ready to Launch Maritime Heritage Trail Snorkeling Adventures

One of the best ways to experience a national park is to partake in an interpretation program of some sort, one that delves a bit deeper into the landscape or history of the park. At Biscayne National Park, officials are ready to lead you underwater to explore some of the marine wonders of the park.

Kicking Off National Park Week By Getting Dirty At Joshua Tree National Park

National Park Week arrived in Southern California with hot, dry, sunny weather, and a volunteer effort indicative of the good that can be done for national parks when the need is demonstrated.
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