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Colorado National Monument

Organizations Want Veto Power Over National Park Service At Colorado National Monument

There's a story in western Colorado involving Colorado National Monument that bears watching. The gist of the story is that some local community organizations are in support of redesignating the monument as a national park, but only if they can veto Park Service decisions on what uses the monument is appropriate for.

Traveler's View: National Park Service Is Sending Conflicting Messages Concerning Bike Race At Colorado National Monument

Sadly, in less than four months the National Park Service seemingly has reversed itself and cracked open the door to a professional bicycle race climbing through Colorado National Monument.

Guest Column: Chipping Away At The National Park Service Mission One Park At A Time

Is the National Park Service about to do an "about face" on its position opposing a professional bike race through Colorado National Monument? In a guest column Joan Anzelmo, the monument's former superintendent, expresses her confusion over this possibility and voices hopes the Park Service will stand by its mission and Management Policies.

Joan Anzelmo, After a Long National Park Service Career, Honored By NPCA

Joan Anzelmo, who can trace her National Park Service career from Yellowstone to Washington, D.C., to Grand Teton and finally to Colorado National Monument, which was her last posting before retirement, has been honored by the National Parks Conservation Association for her commitment to the Park Service ideal.

National Park Service Director Refuses Request To Run Professional Bike Race Through Colorado National Monument

Holding that a professional bike race is neither "necessary nor appropriate" for a national park, National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis has endorsed a decision by the Colorado National Monument superintendent not to open the monument to such an event.

Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, National Parks Conservation Association Oppose Bike Race At Colorado National Monument

With supporters of a professional bike race through Colorado National Monument soon to sit down to discuss the matter with the National Park Service, both the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees and the National Parks Conservation Association are united in opposing the race.

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