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2009 in Review: Traveler’s Checklists

We posted Traveler’s Checklists for 19 different national parks in 2009. Check ‘em out. You’re sure to find helpful advice and useful tips a-plenty.

Everglades National Park To Offer Second Season of Nike Missile Base Tours

A Cold War relic surrounding by Everglades National Park will be opened to the public for tours through the end of March.

Everglades National Park Launches “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign to Help Battle Invasive Species

Florida’s new “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign is further evidence that the National Park Service and other federal and state land management agencies are getting real serious about using public education as a tool to combat the spread of harmful nonnative plant and animal species.

NASA, National Park Service Team To Offer Climate Change Podcasts

While rising sea levels are a concern for some national parks, dropping lake levels are a concern for others. A unique partnership between NASA and the National Park Service examines these issues in two podcasts for your listening ease.

Everglades National Park Opens Two New Campsites for Backcountry Travelers in Florida Bay

If you're good with a paddle or like to tool around Florida Bay in your motorboat, here's some good news: Everglades National Park has opened two new campsites for the bay's backcountry travelers.
EVER-WildernessTripPlanner.pdf1.9 MB

New Coalition Brings Groups Together to Push for Water Stewardhip in Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, Everglades, and Puget Sound

There was a news event earlier this week that seemed to sail under the radar, but it's something to keep an eye on. A large coalition of groups has come together to lobby for the waters that flow through Everglades National Park, the parks and lakeshores that dot the Great Lakes and touch the Chesapeake Bay, as well as many other watery ecosystems across the country.

Interior Secretary Praises Groundbreaking of Tamiami Bridge, Effect it Will Have on Everglades National Park

The groundbreaking Friday for a 1-mile-long bridge along the Tamiami Trail is a key step toward reviving the Everglades, according to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Groundbreaking For Tamiami Trail Bridge That Will Aid Everglades National Park Water Flows Set for Dec. 4

It'll be a short ceremony, but when officials gather December 4 to mark the groundbreaking of the Tamiami Trail Bridge, they'll set in motion a construction project that should carry significant benefits for Everglades National Park.

Traveler’s Checklist: Everglades National Park

The largest federally protected wilderness east of the Rockies is a wildlife cornucopia offering an abundance of recreational choices. In this park, knowing where and when to go is as important as knowing what to do when you get there.

Friends of the Everglades is Down, but Not Out

Friends of the Everglades, a National Park Service partner of 40 years standing, is going through some tough times. Plagued by declining membership and budget shortfalls, the iconic NGO must now regroup and rebuild.

Brown Pelican Removed from Endangered Species List

If you've recently visited any of the national parks in Florida, or the national seashores on the Gulf Coast, or even Channel Islands National Park, Cape Lookout National Seashore, or Cape Hatteras National Seashore, you might wonder why all the fuss over the removal of the brown pelican from the Endangered Species List.

Everglades National Park Officials Considering "Pole and Troll" Boating Zone to Protect Resources

In a move that might not go over well with motorboaters, officials at Everglades National Park are thinking of creating a "pole and troll" boating zone in Florida Bay to protect seagrass and marine-life. However, such a zone could prove popular with paddlers, wildlife viewers, and some anglers.

New USGS Study Says We Have Good Reason to Worry About Giant Snakes Loose in America

A new USGS report with a long title has this short take-away message: All nine giant constrictor species capable of colonizing areas of the United States pose moderate to severe ecological risks, and some pose a credible risk to humans.

Fall and Winter Are Prime Seasons for Camping in These Parks

Campsite at Organ Pipe Cactus Nat. Mon.
It's just too hot to enjoy camping in some parks during the summer, but fall and winter are prime times for outdoor activity in those areas. Here's a sampling of NPS sites where the "off season" in the rest of the country can be the best season for camping.

Bridge Over Needed Waters: Contract Awarded for Tamiami Trail Bridge at Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park aerial view
If the Everglades could talk, one answer to "how do you spell relief?" would be "water." After years of wrangling, a contract has been awarded to replace a one-mile section of the highway known as the Tamiami Trail with a bridge. The work will allow badly needed water to begin flowing again to part of Everglades National Park.
Take a trip into the swamps of Everglades National Park to explore the botanical wonders.

Here's a Handy Website For Following National Park Issues Concerning World Heritage Sites

Quite a few U.S. national parks are listed as World Heritage Sites, and they're often in the news. There's a handy website out there run by the National Park Service's Office of International Affairs that can help you stay abreast of issues involving this sites.

Proposed Power Lines at Everglades National Park Highlight Several National Issues

What would you think of a utility building a lengthy power-line transmission corridor through Everglades National Park on land that's highly valuable for restoring the "River of Grass"? And what would you think if such a project set a precedent that could jeopardize other National Park System lands across the nation?

Eradicating Everglades Pythons Will be a Formidable Task

Federal officials are finally fast-tracking efforts to eradicate Burmese pythons from the Everglades. If this can be done, and that’s a very big if, it will take teamwork, technology, hard work, and good luck.

Restoring Health to Florida’s Everglades National Park and Its Diverse Wildlife

Much talk has been expended during the past decade concerning the health of Florida's Everglades and Everglades National Park. Now there are substantial signs that real progress is being made in restoring this incredible and unique ecosystem.

Secretary Salazar Wants Everglades National Park to Return to Endangered List

Righting what he calls a wrong of the Bush administration, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wants Everglades National Park to once again be listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger.

Ana through Wanda, This Year’s Hurricane Names are Ready to Go

NOAA forecasters expect a normal- to low-activity hurricane season this year, but you never know for sure. There are 21 storm names pre-selected for use in 2009.

Update: Sec. Salazar Pledges Support to Restore The Everglades

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Thursday promised the administration's support in moving forward the restoration of the Florida Everglades, a massive project that would greatly benefit Everglades National Park.

Creature Feature: Burmese Pythons Prowl the Everglades, and That’s Not a Good Thing

Breeding populations of Burmese pythons have been established in Everglades National Park and some other parts of Florida. Limiting the growth and spread of this ecologically disruptive, potentially dangerous invader will be a daunting task.

National Park Mystery Plant 2: There’s Good Reason They Call This Thing "the Death Apple”

This tree, which can be found growing in a few of our national parks, is one you’ll want to treat with respect. Its various parts are full of toxins that can irritate your skin, temporarily blind you, make you very sick, or even kill you.

Might The Obama Administration be More Invested in Everglades Restoration Than Its Predecessor?

Everglades National Park, Rodney Cammauf photo.
Different administrations in Washington have different sets of priorities. While the Bush administration talked about helping restore the massive Everglades ecosystem, the Obama administration is sending signals it will work harder to push the project forward.
Everglades_Policy_White_Paper27Feb09.pdf57.79 KB

National Park Week: Lot's Going On Out There Across the System

While every day of the year offers opportunities to explore the National Park System and learn something about this unique collection of properties, once a year the president proclaims "National Park Week" with hopes folks will get out and enjoy the parks. This year that week starts Saturday, April 18, and runs through next Saturday, April 26.

National Parks: Valuable Assets In Efforts To Conserve Birdlife

Xantus's Murrelet, copyright Glen Tepke.
Peregrine Falcons, once teetering on extinction, are regulars at Acadia National Park. Bald Eagles, also once feared to be ready to blink out, have rebounded incredibly and are highly visible in many national parks. During a week-long canoe trip in Yellowstone National Park last fall I was blown away by the birdlife. But how is the overall "state of birds" in America these days? Unfortunately, things aren't entirely as they appear.

Creature Feature: Meet the Asian Swamp Eel, "the Animal Equivalent of the Kudzu Vine?"

The Asian swamp eel is prolific, hardy, voracious, ecologically disruptive, and on its way to becoming the scourge of the Everglades. Is it already too late to stop it?

Flamingo Lodge is No More

Hurricane damaged beyond repair in 2005, Everglades’ venerable Flamingo Lodge has finally been demolished. It remains to be seen when, if ever, a replacement structure will be built.
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