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National Park Mystery Plant 1: Will This “Lime-Green Cancer” Derail Everglades Restoration?

This virulently invasive plant, sometimes called the “lime-green cancer” and "the most dangerous plant in Florida," already infests some areas of Everglades National Park. If not controlled soon it might wipe out decades of ecosystem restoration efforts. Do you know what this nightmare plant is?

On Interior Secretaries, National Park Stimulus Funds, And Oil Shale

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar spent roughly 30 minutes Wednesday fielding questions from reporters, but he really didn't offer much substance when it came to the national parks. Although, he did make a curious statement about the dire condition of the parks and the stimulus packages being debated by Congress.

Everglades Land Bill Approved, But With a Caveat

A massive real estate deal with U.S. Sugar Corporation that is envisioned as being key to protecting the Everglades and Everglades National Park has been approved, but with a caveat that allows Florida officials an escape clause.

Is Florida's Blockbuster Sugar Deal to Help the Everlgades In Danger of Collapse?

With a critical vote looming Tuesday on whether the state of Florida will move forward with its buyout of U.S. Sugar properties to benefit the Everglades and Everglades National Park, the $1.34 billion deal no longer seems like a surety.

Everglades Coaltion's Annual Meeting In Early January

The annual meeting of the Everglades Coalition, which works for the health of the ecosystem that includes Everglades National Park, is set for early next month.

From Job Creation to Everglades Czar, Green Groups Have Lengthy National Parks Wishlist

Lower Falls, Yellowstone National Park. Kurt Repanshek photo.
A coalition of nearly 30 "green groups" has a lengthy to-do list for the incoming Obama administration when it comes to the National Park System. For starters, they say, let's include the parks in the economic stimuli being proposed, expect more from National Park Service leadership, and protect the natural resources.
Transition to Green - NPS.pdf229.76 KB
Wood Stork. Photo by Sarah Zenner, NPS.With winter coming on, the wood storks will be more visible in Everglades National Park, as it's a prime wintering grounds for this big bird. But what's the deal with shuffle? Watch this video to get the answer.

Imagine the Impacts of Climate Change on the National Park System

Waterless Yosemite Fall, Kurt Repanshek photo
Imagine Yosemite National Park without Yosemite Fall. Or Glacier National Park without glaciers. Or Old Faithful becoming less faithful. Across the National Park System, the effects of climate change could be quite dramatic.
sap4-4-final-report-Ch4-Parks.pdf1.52 MB

Young Panther is Killed Crossing a Road in Everglades National Park

A car struck and killed a panther kitten Monday night in Everglades National Park. There are probably fewer than 100 panthers left in south Florida, so the death of even a single youngster is very sad.

Lost to Hurricanes, the Flamingo Lodge at Everglades National Park Will be Hard to Replace

Flamingo Lodge, the only major lodging facility in Everglades National Park, was trashed by Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005. If enough money can be found somewhere, it’ll be replaced with a lodging complex that is smaller, greener, and more hurricane-resistant.

Everglades Coalition, Foundation Offer State of Florida Suggestions for Managing Land Acquisition

In June the state of Florida announced a bold move to help the Everglades by purchasing nearly 200,000 acres north of Everglades National Park. Now the state is being offered some suggestions on how best to leverage that land acquisition for the benefit of the "River of Grass."
EVER-EAA Recommendations.pdf46.46 KB

Deal to Close Sugar Plant and Preserve 187,000 Acres Should Benefit Everglades National Park

In what's being called an unprecedented chapter in land conservation history, the state of Florida has agreed to buy 187,000 acres north of Everglades National Park and preserve the land to help ensure water flows into the park from Lake Okeechobee.

Everglades National Park Wildfire Grows To nearly 33,000 Acres

Dry, windy conditions are feeding a wildfire that has burned nearly 33,000 acres in Everglades National Park. Officials believe the so-called "Mustang Corner" fire was human-caused.

Utah Boy Wins Top Honors in National Park Foundation's Essay Contest

A Utah boy and his family spent Earth Day at Everglades National Park thanks to his winning entry in the National Park Foundation's 2008 essay contest.

NPCA: Health of Everglades National Park Requires a Longer Bridge Along the Tamiami Trail

Once seen as an innovative project for its time, in 1929, Tamiami Trail was built along the northern edge of what was to become Everglades National Park and through Big Cypress National Preserve. It fulfilled the dream to create passage across the Everglades from Tampa to Miami. Today, many people feel much differently about the road that currently impedes the natural flow of water through the historic River of Grass.

Another Snake Story from Everglades National Park

How do you remove a python from your rig's engine block? That was the problem a visitor to Everglades National Park recently encountered. The solution is not as simple as you might think.

Climate Change and the National Parks

Climate change slowly is changing the landscape of America’s national parks. As temperatures warm and storm traits alter, ecosystem change is anticipated and expected to carry a range of impacts.
You ever wonder where place names originate? I mean, Hog Key Campsite in Everglades National Park? And University Dock in Biscayne National Park? What were they thinking?

Dying in the Parks: Park Service Concerned About Suicides

Each year nearly 100 people attempt suicide somewhere in the national park system. That's a troubling statistic for the National Park Service.

NPCA Proposes Rebuilding Guidelines for the Flamingo Area of Everglades National Park

Gentler on the landscape. That's a key factor in the National Parks Conservation Association's vision for redeveloping the Flamingo area of Everglades National Park that was devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in a one-two punch back in 2005.

Park History: Everglades National Park

Rooted in the "River of Grass' that once was the dominant landmark in south Florida, Everglades National Park is in a state of flux due to environmental pressures.

Everglades National Park Asked to Give Manatees Protection From Boaters

A recent Miami Herald article on manatee research in the Everglades does a good job of identifying some of the questions that still need to be answered with regard to this fascinating but still poorly understood species. However, the question of a major cause of manatee deaths within the boundaries of Everglades National Park is already well documented.

GOP's Fred Thompson Open To Drilling In Parks for Oil

The silliness of the 2008 presidential campaign has finally made it to the national park system, and in a very bizarre way. During a recent stop in Florida, Republican Fred Thompson allowed that he'd support drilling for oil in Everglades National Park if major reserves were found there.

Around the System: Yellowstone's Snowmobiles, Everglades' Restoration, Glacier's Party, Valley Forge's Developers

There's plenty of news around the national park system, if you take a look. Newspapers are questioning Yellowstone planners on their snowmobile decision, politicians are making hey with the Everglades, Glacier is celebrating its Peace Park status, and Valley Forge is facing development on its doorstep.

Just Another Snake Story

A python by the tail.
Non-native pythons, once thought to be someone's pets, are running amuck in Everglades National Park and other parts of south Florida. In the latest story on this dilemma, from the New York Times, park biologists express amazement over the reptile's diet.

Time Running Out to Comment on Everglades Management Plan

Less than two weeks remain for you to comment on the proposed changes to the management plan for Everglades National Park. This document, which addresses everything from managing wilderness to boat use in the park, will guide on-the-ground decisions in Everglades for the next 15 to 20 years.

Is the Everglades Out of Danger?

Is "almost" good enough when you're talking about the health of a World Heritage Site such as Everglades National Park? Apparently the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne think so. On Sunday, UNESCO officials voted unanimously to remove the Everglades from its "sites in danger" list.
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