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Fire Island National Seashore

Cutting Infested Trees Has Suppressed Pine Beetles At Fire Island National Seashore

While parks are battling an aphid-like insect that is devastating Eastern hemlock stands, Fire Island National Seashore announced last week that cutting down infested trees has significantly diminished its population of invasive southern pine beetles, which can attack and kill pine trees in two to four months.

Park Renews Partnership With Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society

On February 3, Fire Island National Seashore Superintendent Chris Soller and Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society President Bob LaRosa signed a new five-year partnership agreement. The agreement renews the Society's commitment to work collaboratively with the National Park Service to provide public programming and assist with preservation efforts at the lighthouse.

National Park Service Proposing To Let Nature Take Its Course With Breach At Fire Island National Seashore

Natural processes, specifically the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean, should be allowed to continue at Fire Island National Seashore, where the National Park Service is willing to let a breach in the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dunes Wilderness open and close as the waves dictate.

Hunting, Fencing Part Of Plan To Address White-tailed Deer At Fire Island National Seashore

With white-tailed deer changing the natural ecosystem at Fire Island National Seashore, the National Park Service approved a White-tailed Deer Management Plan last month that includes direct population reduction as well as the construction of fences to preserve critical areas of the Seashore.

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