Gettysburg National Military Park

Make Plans Now To Attend 2012 Gettysburg Seminar

Civil war buffs, and those fascinated by American history in general, can make plans now to attend the 2012 Gettysburg Seminar, which will explore some of the long burning issues of the battle at Gettysburg.

Nearly 6 Years After Being Vandalized, Statue Honoring 4th New York Battery Returned To Pedestal At Gettysburg National Military Park

Nearly six years after a statue honoring the 4th New York Battery's role at Gettysburg was vandalized, it has been repaired and returned to its pedestal.

Call To Action: Updating The Leopold Report For National Parks in the 21st Century

Nearly 50 years after it was completed, the Leopold Report on wildlife management in the national parks is perhaps overdue for revisions to take into account the realities of climate change, sprawl, and greater visitation to the parks.

National Park Service Offers Online Itinerary For Visiting Civil War Era Cemeteries

Military cemeteries are poignant reminders of past wars, of battles that tore the fabric of societies. Today you can walk these grounds at more than 100 national cemeteries that were created prior to 1870. In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the National Park Service has put together an online itinerary you can use to visit these hallowed grounds.

Gettysburg National Military Park Getting Ready To Shoot Deer

A regimented deer hunt will begin next week in Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower National Historic Site, where white-tailed deer would overrun the units if left alone, according to park officials.
Trains of Discovery: Railroads and the Legacy of Our National Parks For years I've been searching for railroad memorabilia tied to the national parks: Posters, luggage stickers, calendars, even timetables from the Northern Pacific, Great Northern Railway, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific.

Civil War Bullets Found Inside Tree Cut Down At Gettysburg National Military Park

Stories of the fierce fighting at Gettysburg during the Civil War continue to emerge 148 years later. This time, though, the story revolves around bullets found inside an oak tree at the national military park.

Controversial Fences to be Removed at Gettysburg National Military Park

It may be true, as the poet Robert Frost told us, that "Good fences make good neighbors," but park officials at Gettysburg National Military Park have a corollary to that famous line: good fences make good history. A fence in the wrong place, however, usually leads to trouble.

Lock of President Lincoln's Hair Donated To Gettysburg National Military Park

In the not-too-distant future you'll be able to see a piece of President Abraham Lincoln on display at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Traveler's Checklist: Gettysburg National Military Park

The information provided here should prove very helpful if you plan to be among the more than one million people who visit Gettysburg National Military Park this year.

New Lincoln Exhibit Open For Debate At Gettysburg National Military Park

Just what sort of president was Abraham Lincoln, and how did he rely on the U.S. Constitution in developing his strategies for handling the Civil War? Those are tough questions, and there are no easy answers, but a new exhibit at Gettysburg National Military Park is expected to spur more than a little debate over those questions.

Congressman Asks If National Park Service Went Too Far to Accommodate Citizen Palin

Did the National Park Service bend over too far to accommodate Sarah Palin and her family during their East Coast tour, which had more than a few political overtones? That's what at least one congressman wants to know, and he's asked Park Service Director Jon Jarvis for an explanation.
Blumenauer-Palin Letter.pdf78.02 KB

Casino Proposed To Be Slotted Next To Gettsysburg National Military Park Denied Permit

You won't soon hear the ringing of payoff bells on one-armed bandits near Gettysburg National Military Park, as Pennsylvania gaming officials today refused to issue the necessary permits for its location next to the park.

Signs Indicate Federal Government Shutdown Would Save Little In National Park Circles

A shutdown of the federal government, while shuttering most of the National Park System, might not save much money, as local economies would be stung and the National Park Service still would have to maintain some presence in the parks.

Gettysburg National Military Park Moving Into Blogging To Commemorate Civil War

Blogging about the Civil War will soon commence at Gettysburg National Military Park, where officials hope to use some of the latest media trends to educate people on the war between the states.

Odds and Ends -- Bears and Guns, Shuttles, Roads, Cycling, and More -- From Around the National Park System

Clingmans Dome Road opening early in Great Smoky Mountains, spring cycling in Yellowstone National Park, and other tidbits from around the National Park System.

Congress Slashes $101 Million From National Park Service Budget. More To Come?

One-thirteenth of 1 percent of the federal budget gets you funding for the entire National Park System and the agency that oversees it. Yet that miniscule sliver hasn't stopped Congress from eyeing the National Park Service for cuts to help rein-in the federal deficit.

Persistence Pays – Important Tract Finally Added to Gettysburg National Military Park

It's been nearly 148 years since major fighting occurred on the Emanuel Harman Farm near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and it's taken almost twenty years of negotiations in recent times, but an important 95-acre tract has now been acquired for Gettysburg National Military Park.

Ken Burns' Landmark Series "The Civil War" to be Rebroadcast in Early April

Long before Ken Burns' PBS series on the national parks, the filmmaker produced another multi-program epic that features several NPS areas. THE CIVIL WAR, which first aired in 1990, remains the highest-rated series in the history of American public television. The series is being rebroadcast in early April to mark the 150th anniversary of the beginning of America's Civil War.

Eastern National Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of National Parks Passport With Special Edition

How many times have you headed off on a national park trip and conveniently forgotten your Passport to Your National Parks? Have you ever run out of space for cancellations more quickly than you would have thought? Well, the folks at Eastern National have tackled those problems while celebrating the Passport's 25th anniversary.

National Park Service Rolling Out 5-Year Plan to Commemorate 150th Anniversary of Civil War

Through the course of the next five years the National Park Service will be rolling out a series of programs to both help commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and highlight its impact on the Civil Rights movement in this country.

The National Park System's Cultural-Historical Wing: America's Story in 10 Chapters

The more than 200 national parks established to preserve nationally significant cultural-historical resources "tell America's story" by interpreting about ten broad themes that increase our awareness and understanding of what American culture is and how it got that way.

Updated: National Park Service Budget Would Grow by $138 Million Under President's FY12 Proposal

President Obama's FY12 budget request, if approved by Congress, would give the National Park Service a $2.9 billion budget, an increase of nearly $138 million above current funding levels.

Traveler Classic: Rare Motion Pictures Show Civil War Veterans at Gettysburg

With the Civil War 150th anniversary commemoration gathering steam, this is a good time to reach into the Traveler archives for one of our all-time popular posts: links to videos showing movies of Civil War veterans at the Gettysburg 75th anniversary reunion in 1938. Get ready for goosebumps.

Civil War-Related National Parks Schedule Commemorative Events for Civil War 150th Anniversary

During 2011-2015, the Civil War will be commemorated with special events in dozens of Civil War-related national parks. This month's schedule includes highlighted events in four parks in four different states.

Gettysburg National Military Park Offers Special Winter Talks to Mark Civil War's 150th Anniversary

Was the Civil War avoidable? What was the role of the Medical Corps in the Civil War? What weapons were available—and used—by both armies in 1861? Answers to these and other questions will be offered during a winter lecture series at Gettysburg National Military Park to mark the 150th anniversary of the first year of the Civil War.

Counting Birds in National Parks This Holiday Season

'Tis is the season for counting birds as the 111th annual Christmas Bird Count rolls out across the country, and more than a few national parks are welcoming you to count birds.

Gettysburg, Glacier, Vicksburg Among National Park Units To be Honored With Quarters

For 25 cents you'll soon be able to put Glacier National Park in your pocket. Or Olympic National Park, Gettysburg National Military Park, Vicksburg National Military Park, or Chickasaw National Recreation Area, for that matter.

150 Cannon-Shot Salute Will Highlight Kickoff of Gettysburg's 150th Anniversary Commemoration of the Civil War

Next April, the rolling thunder of artillery will reverberate through the Pennsylvania countryside as Gettysburg launches a five-year long commemoration of the Civil War sesquicentennial.

Great Excuses To Visit The National Park System This Fall

No one really needs an excuse to visit a national park in the Fall, one of the most glorious seasons across the National Park System. Still, the Traveler offers up the following if you feel you need one!
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