Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Personal Watercraft Accident Leaves Two Dead At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A possible lack of attention has led to the deaths of two vacationers at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and left a juvenile with minor injuries, according to the National Park Service.

Missing From The System? Utah's San Rafael Swell

The Obama administration might have lost its ambition to declare Utah's San Rafael Swell a national monument, but that doesn't lessen the beauty and richness of the landscape and what it encompasses.

Near-Total Solar Eclipse Will Cut a Path Across Western National Parks in May

Sunday May 20, 2012 will offer a Celestial Super Bowl—a near-total solar eclipse—and parks in parts of the western U.S. will offer some prime viewing locations. If you want to make travel plans for special eclipse-related activities or purchase equipment for safe viewing, just don't wait too long to do so.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area To Host Christmas Bird Count Early in January

With few trees, compared, say, to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, counting birds at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area shouldn't be too difficult when the NRA holds its Christmas Bird Count.
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National Park Visits Help Grow Utah's Tourism Industry By Nearly 5 Percent In 2010

Utah's collection of national parks, monuments, and historic sites helped generate $6.5 billion in tourism spending for the state in 2010, an increase of nearly 5 percent, according to state calculations.

Painting Of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Setting Wins Honors For Arizona Man

An Arizona man whose painting captured the setting along the Colorado River in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area above Lees Ferry has donated the painting to the NRA's permanent collection.

"3" Might Not Seem Like Much, But It's A Record For Condor Chicks At Grand Canyon National Park

It's a single digit, one not overly impressive, but when you consider the number of California condor chicks hatched in the wild at Grand Canyon National Park, "three" is record-setting.

Study Points To Great Economic Beneft Of Arches, Canyonlands National Parks and Surrounding Recreational Lands

U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, a Utah Republican who chairs the House subcommittee that oversees the National Park Service, recently commented that national parks are not money makers. Well, an economic study prepared for one of Utah's congressional districts says otherwise.

Public Input Sought On Glen Canyon Dam Operations And Their Impact on Grand Canyon National Park

As the National Park Service and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation continue to search for a compromise over water flows from the Glen Canyon Dam and into the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park, the public is now being given opportunities to weigh in on the matter.

Groups Urging Obama Administration To Protect The "Greater Canyonlands" Region Near Canyonlands National Park

Southern Utah's redrock landscape is wondrous, a spectacular collection of lands in various stages of deconstruction and reconstruction. While some of that landscape has been protected in the form of national parks, some groups believe more needs that type of protection.

Grand Canyon National Park, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area To Celebrate Earth Science Week

Earth Science week is on its way, and at least two units of the National Park System are marking it with activities for the entire family.

After Dark Boating Accident Kills Scout at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A nighttime boating accident on Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has killed a 15-year-old Boy Scout, who was tossed out of the boat when it rammed a rock in the dark, according to NRA officials.

Federal Judge Rules A Creek Bed in Canyonlands National Park Is Not A Road

A winding creek that jogs through Canyonlands National Park to a spectacular sandstone arch is not a road, and that finding by a federal judge could send reverberations throughout many Western states determined to expand access across the federal landscape.
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National Park Road Trip 2011: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell Resort

True, May might be a bit early to visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, but David and Kay Scott, on the road to update their book, The Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges, found the month perfect for a stop there.

Report Raises Concerns Over How Colorado River Basin Dams Impact National Parks

Some of the most magnificent national parks of the Southwest owe their rugged beauty to the Colorado River and its tributaries. Unfortunately, dams that have sprung up along the river have changed the water flows in a way detrimental to these national parks, according to a report from the National Parks Conservation Association.

"Mystery of the Sickle-Claw Dinosaur" at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Dinosaurs are a subject of fascination for many people of all ages, and a new exhibit featuring a 13-foot-tall Therizinosaur has opened to visitors at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Billed the "Mystery of the Sickle-Claw Dinosaur," the exhibit will be on display for the next year.

Voices From a Drowned Treasure: The Music Temple Register

In the early 1960s, the rising waters of Lake Powell permanently submerged Music Temple, one of Glen Canyon's most spectacular side canyons. Fortunately, the remarkable site's visitor register was moved to safety.

Traveler's Gear Box: Brooks-Range Mountaineering's Cirro Hoody Jacket

How will a backcountry user honed on down garments react to synthetic insulation? Our intrepid backcountry guide gave the Cirro Hoody Jacket from Brooks-Range Mountaineering a field test. Read her thoughts.

Boat At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Quarantined For 30 Days For Mussel Infestation

A boat owner who was looking forward to spending time on Lake Powell at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area instead will be without his craft for a month because he didn't rid it of invasive mussels.

Four Houseboats Destroyed By Fire At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A fire at the Wahweap Marina at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area destroyed four houseboats and one other watercraft, but 40 other vessels were saved by firefighters, according to NRA officials.

New Fireboat a Welcome Addition at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

One of the intriguing aspects of the work of national park rangers is the wide variety of duties their jobs can entail, but the staff at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has a rather unique distinction—the park is home to perhaps the most active NPS-operated fireboat program in the National Park Service.

BuRec Issues Draft Environmental Assessment Looking At High-Flow Releases From Glen Canyon Dam

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation officials have released a draft environmental assessment that proposes a decade-long series of experimental high-flow releases of the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam and through Grand Canyon National Park.

North Carolina Man Reportedly Thought it Would Be "Cool" To Carve His Name On Rock Art Panel At Glen Canyon NRA

A North Carolina man who thought it would be "cool" to carve his name into a Glen Canyon National Recreation Area rock art panel thought to be at least 3,000 years old has had at least $10,000 added to the cost of his fishing trip.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Officials To Start Work On ORV Management Plan

How should off-road vehicles be managed at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in southern Utah? Should they be given free rein, or be reined in?

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Loses Two Staff to Plane Crash

Two rangers from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area were killed in a plane crash, Park Service officials said Saturday.

Study Shows that Dirty Snow Reduces Colorado River Runoff

Human-produced dust, mostly from grazing and farming, settles on mountain snowpacks in the Upper Colorado River basin and significantly reduces runoff. Eliminating this "dirty snow" phenomenon, which impacts national parks as well as the regional economy, would require a huge reduction in soil-disturbing activities.

Secretary Salazar Hopes To Negotiate R.S. 2477 Solution With Utah Officials

Long a bone of contention between state, local and federal authorities when it comes to public lands access is a nearly 150-year-old law initially passed to help advance westward expansion. Now Interior Secretary Ken Salazar hopes a pilot program in Utah can generate a solution to R.S. 2477 controversies.

Nevada Barr Talk at Glen Canyon NRA Rescheduled for Sunday, July 11

Nevada Barr, author of the Anna Pigeon murder mystery novels set in national parks, will present an evening program at the Wahweap Campground Amphitheater in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 11.

Arizona Man Dies in Fall at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A 23-year-old Arizona man was killed when he fell about 70 feet while hiking in a canyon at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Spate of Accidents At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Point To Need for Visitors To Be Safer

A series of accidents this week at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area points to the need for visitors to the National Park System to be safer in what they do.
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