Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Drowning Victim Finally Recovered From Lake Powell At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The body of a Florida man who went missing in Lake Powell at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area late in April has been recovered more than 400 feet beneath the lake's surface.

National Park Quiz 57: Canyons

This week’s national park quiz will find out if you know your national park canyons. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “Deeply incised meanders add visual interest to canyons.”

Rafting Accidents Drowns 37-Year-old In Cataract Canyon at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A 37-year-old man drowned in a section of the Colorado River in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area when he was thrown from his raft.

The Quagga Quandry – Coming to a Lake Near You? You'd Better Hope Not.

Zebra mussels on bottom of boat.
Those tiny mussels called Quaggas cause major problems in lakes and rivers, including those in national parks, and they're spreading across the country. If you think this won't affect you, better think again.

Castle Rock Cut at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Open For Boaters

Lake Powell boaters can now access the Castle Rock Cut, which has been opened after workers deepened the cut.

Three Dead, Two Rescued, One Missing in Accident at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Lake Powell.
Authorities at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Utah continued to search for a missing boater after an accident on Lake Powell late last Saturday. Two members of group were rescued that afternoon and the bodies of three others have been recovered.

National Park Rangers Find Tasers Efficient Tools In Potentially Combative Situations

Rangers at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area were just the latest in the National Park System to resort to the use of a Taser to resolve a potentially combative situation.

Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas Offers New 62-foot-long Houseboat This Year

Not every national park visitor likes to spend their nights in a sleeping bag, cook over a campstove, or paddle across a lake. That's why there are houseboats.

Condors To Be Released into the Wild at Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

If you like birding, are concerned about endangered species, and are free on Saturday, you're invited to see the release of four California condors into the wild at Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

Secretary Salazar Scuttles Oil and Gas Leases Near National Parks in Utah

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, in a move that repudiates the Bush administration's energy policies, on Wednesday scuttled a series of controversial oil and gas leases near national parks in Utah.

Glen Canyon Marina Fire Damage Estimate: $3-$5 Million

Investigators looking into a fire that destroyed 15 boats at a remote marina in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area haven't identified a cause of the blaze that generated $3-$5 million in damage to boats and dock facilities.

Twenty Boats Destroyed by Fire in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Federal investigators were joining Utah authorities Friday to determine the cause of a fire in a remote area of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area that destroyed as many as 20 boats.

Bringing Zebra Mussels to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Could Cost You $2,500

Bringing non-native zebra mussels into Glen Canyon National Recreation Area can be a costly proposition. One individual who failed to decontaminate their boat of the mussels recently was ordered to pay $2,500 in restitution costs.

How Far Should National Park Rangers Go To Safeguard Your Life?

How many hats should we expect national park rangers to wear? Already we expect them to cover law enforcement, interpretation, and backcountry patrols, and to be quick to put on their "search and rescue" hat when need arises. Should they also be lifeguards or, perhaps more generally, safety officers to protect park visitors, at times from themselves?

Do You Care About Energy Exploration Near Our National Parks?

As energy prices creep steadily higher, there's a growing segment of America that believes short-term relief can literally be tapped from fossil-fuel resources in the Western states. But many of those resources are found on public lands that buffer national parks, national wildlife refuges, and wilderness areas, and their development could have dire consequences for those landscapes.

GPS Unit Leads Couple Into Trouble Near Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Sometimes that GPS unit doesn't know that you can't get from here to there. A Pennsylvania couple learned that the hard way when they tried to take a backroad in southern Utah.

Glen Canyon NRA Starting Random Boat Inspections to Prevent Mussel Infestation

In a bid to keep non-native and invasive Zebra and Quagga mussels out of Lake Powell, officials at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are beginning random inspections of boats heading to the reservoir.

The Monkey Wrench Gang: Coming to a Theater Near You?

Could it actually be true? Are Doc Sarvis, Bonnie Abbzug, George Washington Hayduke III, and Seldom Seen and their monkey-wrenching exploits in the Southwest really coming to the big screen?

Lake Powell Expected to Rise 50 Feet This Summer

Climate change is taking it on the chin in the Rockies this winter. So much snow has fallen in the Intermountain West that when it melts it's expected to raise the level of Lake Powell by some 50 feet, to the highest point it's been since 2002.

Glen Canyon NRA Releases EA on Castle Rock Cut Deepening

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area officials want to spend roughly $750,000 to deepen the so-called "Castle Rock Cut" so boaters can gain quicker access to the main reservoir of Lake Powell.

Climate Change and the National Parks

Climate change slowly is changing the landscape of America’s national parks. As temperatures warm and storm traits alter, ecosystem change is anticipated and expected to carry a range of impacts.

NPCA Keeping An Eye on Utah Tar Sands Developments

U.S. Bureau of Land Management efforts to spur development of "tar sands" in Utah near several national park units are being watched by the National Parks Conservation Association.

Tar Sands Development Could Impact Canyonlands National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Glen Canyon NRA

A natural resources juxtapositonal twist of fate has placed the spectacular Canyonlands National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in close proximity to an energy deposit whose extraction could sully the park units.

With The Off-Season Here, Lodging Deals Are Popping Up Throughout the National Park System

Students are back in school, the weather is turning, the leaves have mostly fallen. Also falling are the costs of booking a room in national park lodges for the next few months.

Glen Canyon NRA Officials Thinking Of Digging For Water

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is one of the Southwest's premier boating areas, but in recent years the drought has really lowered Lake Powell. While that has opened up some fascinating canyon landscapes that had been underwater, the drought also has created some logistical problems for boaters.

Freak Rockfall Kills Colorado Couple At Glen Canyon NRA

Boats on Lake Powell; 'lazytom' photo.
A freak rockfall at Glen Canyon National Monument has killed a Colorado couple that was vacationing on a pontoon boat on Lake Powell.

RS2477 And the National Parks

East Rim Trail in Zion; East Zion Tourism Council Photo
The other day a federal judge tossed out a lawsuit that aimed to open Surprise Canyon in Death Valley National Park to ORV traffic. That post generated a lot of debate over the propriety of a road in that rugged canyon. Those who filed the lawsuit claimed they had a right to the road thanks to a Civil War-era statute known as R.S. 2477. Well, Death Valley isn't the only park that could suffer from this statute.
Haunted HikesIn this third edition of the Park Remark audiocast, I have a phone conversation with Andrea Lankford, who is the author of the book Haunted Hikes: Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Parks.
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