Grand Canyon National Park

National Park Road Trip 2011: North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

As this is the third straight wet, cool May in the Rockies, perhaps it's no surprise that David and Kay Scott were snowed upon during their visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The two spent two nights at Grand Canyon Lodge to update their book, The Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges.

National Park Quiz 94: Ringer IV

Nine of the first ten statements are true, but one is not. Can you tell which one is the ringer? You might want to try the two bonus questions too.

National Park Road Trip 2011: Lodging on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

Having left Canyon de Chelly National Monument behind, our lodging experts, David and Kay Scott, have settled into rooms on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Discounted Campsites On the Way in June to Mark 'National Great Outdoors Month'

To help encourage folks to get out and enjoy National Great Outdoors Month in June, a wide array of campgrounds across the country, many close to national parks, are offering a 20 percent discount on camping fees.

Rangers Need Nearly Five Hours To Recover Man's Body From Below South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

It took Grand Canyon National Park rangers nearly five hours to recover the body of a young man spotted far below the park's South Rim, and authorities worked into the night Friday to identify the man.

FAA Rules Might Ground Rocketman's Bid To Fly Over Grand Canyon On A 'Wingsuit'

A Swiss "rocketman" wants to soar over the Grand Canyon affixed to his "wingsuit," but his plans might not be OKed from the Federal Aviation Administration. Regardless, Grand Canyon National Park officials have told him to stay away from the park if he does take to the air.

Report Raises Concerns Over How Colorado River Basin Dams Impact National Parks

Some of the most magnificent national parks of the Southwest owe their rugged beauty to the Colorado River and its tributaries. Unfortunately, dams that have sprung up along the river have changed the water flows in a way detrimental to these national parks, according to a report from the National Parks Conservation Association.

Driver Survives Plunge Off South Rim At Grand Canyon National Park

Not everyone who drives their car off the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park survives the fall, but this young man did.

Road Trip 2011: The National Park Lodges

"On the road again." That's what David and Kay Scott soon will be singing, as our lodging experts are heading out on a swing through the National Park System to update their book on national park lodges. And you're invited to tag along.

Interior Department Issues Report That Looks At Climate-Change Impacts On Western River Basins

Climate change is leading to a sizeable decrease in stream flows in the major river basins of the Southwest, declines that could impact recreation and wildlife in national parks such as Arches, Canyonlands, and Big Bend, according to an Interior Department report.

Murder Suspect Rescued, Then Arrested, by Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park

A man wanted in a Texas murder case took a radical step in an attempt to avoid capture, and it was a big one—he jumped over the rim of the Grand Canyon. Rangers rescued and then arrested the man, who was being held for Texas authorities.
The National Parks: Our American Landscape If the cover photo of The National Parks, Our American Landscape, doesn't encourage you to call in sick and head into the national parks, well, perhaps one of the hundreds of other images inside this book will.

Summer Special: Visiting National Parks by Train

If you'd like to visit some parks this summer but don't relish the thought of airport security hassles or long hours in the car, perhaps train travel is the answer. Here's a sampling of options for trips to parks around the country via Amtrak.

High-Resolution Technology Used in Search For Plane Missing Over Grand Canyon National Park

Search crews at Grand Canyon National Park have turned to high-resolution photography in their search for a single-engine plane that went missing over the park.

Summer Special: Paddling in the National Parks

Great paddling adventures are ready to be had in the National Park System, whether you intend to spend just a few hours or a week or more on the water. Here's a look at some great choices for where to dip a paddle.

South Kaibab Trail Repaired in Grand Canyon National Park, Mule Use To Resume

Come mid-May you'll find mules and hikers back together again on Grand Canyon National Park's South Kaibab Trail, which has been under reconstruction for the past two years.

Summer Special: Choosing A National Park River To Float

So many rivers and so many different paddling experiences can be found in the National Park System. So how do you figure out which one you want to float on your summer vacation?

Summer Special: Ten National Parks With Lodging For Under $100 Per Night, Tent Not Required

You don't need to sleep in a tent to make a national park visit affordable. Our lodging experts have found 10 national parks where you can book a room for less than $100 a night.

Traveler Welcomes Eastern National and O.A.R.S.

A cooperating association that has been developing educational and interpretive materials for units of the National Park System since 1947 and an outfitter that can take you down rivers in some of the West's most iconic national parks are the latest organizations and businesses to help keep the Traveler on-line.

Free Water Soon To Be Available On North, South Rims of Grand Canyon National Park

In a development that would be great to see replicated across the National Park System, particularly in its more arid corners, you'll soon be able to relatively easily refill your water bottles for free at Grand Canyon National Park.

Search Continues For Plane Possibly Missing Over Grand Canyon National Park

A search is ongoing over Grand Canyon National Park for a plane that's been missing in the area since last weekend.

Grand Canyon "State" Park? A Look Back At The 1995 Government Shutdown And The Battle Over the Grand Canyon

Back in 1995, the last time the federal government shut down over a budget impasse, then-Arizona Gov. Fife Symington showed incredible moxie by trying to engineer a state takeover of Grand Canyon National Park.

Reader Participation Day: Should Costs Of Operating Special Programs In the Parks Be Shared By All?

Should the National Park Service do away with special use fees and simply spread the costs of running special programs across all those who enter the parks?

Archeology Day Offers Hands-On Activities at Grand Canyon National Park on March 19

If you have even a passing interest in archeology, the upcoming Archeology Day at Grand Canyon National Park on Saturday, March 19 will be a great chance for some hands-on activities and learning opportunities.

National Park Quiz 92: Seconds

You can't take this quiz in just a few seconds, but if you invest a few minutes you'll find out if you know as much about seconds as you do about firsts.

Give Us A National Park, But Please, Not Its Regulations

We love our national parks. We love the wildlife they hold, the seashores with their sparkling sands, the forests with their wildlife and hiking trails, the soaring red-rock cliffs and plunging canyons. But please, don't ask us to abide by their regulations.

Public Comment Opens On Whether to Allow Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon National Park

For the next month-and-a-half the U.S. Bureau of Land Management will be collecting your thoughts on whether uranium mining should be allowed near to Grand Canyon National Park, or whether the landscape should be protecting with a moratorium against hardrock mining.

Grand Canyon National Park Rangers Working to Recover Body Thought To Be That Of Missing Woman

Grand Canyon National Park rangers were working this morning to recover a body thought to be that of a woman reported missing by her husband. The body was located about 600 feet below the South Rim.

Grand Canyon National Park Releases Draft EIS On Park Air Tours

Years of modeling, planning, and talks, interrupted by lawsuits and inter-agency differences, have produced a proposed air-tour management plan for Grand Canyon National Park that officials believe will restore natural quiet over much of the iconic canyon.

Time to Get Your Permit Application in For Private Float Through Grand Canyon National Park

One of, if not the, most-sought permits in the National Park System is the one that allows private groups to run the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park. If you want one, the park is now taking applications for the 2012 calendar year.
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