Grand Canyon National Park

Body Found Below South Rim at Grand Canyon National Park

Condors have led Grand Canyon National Park rangers to a body about 300 feet below the South Rim.
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Should Uranium Mining Be Allowed Outside Grand Canyon National Park?

Would you avoid a visit to Grand Canyon National Park if you had to drive past a uranium mine to reach the park?

Man Drowns During Rafting Trip Through Grand Canyon National Park

An unidentified man has drowned during a rafting trip through Grand Canyon National Park.

Flood Through Grand Canyon National Park Creates Sandbars

The flood unleashed through Grand Canyon National Park earlier this month appears to have been a stunning success, with sandbars and beaches created as scientists had predicted. Whether it will be repeated on a regular basis is questionable, though.

Grand Canyon National Park Officials Take Issue With High Flow Releases from Glen Canyon Dam

A plan by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to send a flood through the Grand Canyon has drawn numerous questions from Grand Canyon National Park officials, who fear the flooding as proposed would impair park resources.
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Park History: Grand Canyon National Park

Toroweap Overlook. NPS Photo
Quick now, how old is Grand Canyon National Park, 100, or 89? Some might say both answers are correct.

Grand Canyon National Park Officials Release Transportation Plan EA

If you've been to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon during the high season, which anymore runs nearly eight months a year, you know just how hard it is to find a parking space or to simply navigate the area around Grand Canyon Village in your rig. Now, following nearly two years of work, the National Park Service has released its preferred solution to the rim's transportation woes.

Grand Canyon National Park Opens Lottery for 2009 Non-commercial River Trips

If you've long wanted to run your own trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, now's the time to get your application in. Grand Canyon National Park officials are accepting lottery applications for 2009 non-commercial trips through February 27th.

Erosion Forces Temporary Closures of Two Trails in Grand Canyon National Park

Erosion crafted the Grand Canyon, and so it's not terribly surprising that erosion has forced park officials to temporarily close or limit travel on two trails until repairs can be made.

It's Time to Book Your Summer National Park Vacation

It's only January, the Super Bowl has yet to be played, and the Rocky Mountain states are up to their necks in snow. Sooooooo, it must be time to book your summer national park vacation.

Controlled Flood Proposed for the Colorado River Through Grand Canyon National Park

What in essence would be a controlled flood is being proposed for the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park.

A Winter Visit to Grand Canyon National Park's Phantom Ranch

Grand Canyon; Owen Hoffman photo.
From the South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park, the first view of Phantom Ranch reveals that the trees, Fremont cottonwoods, do not know that it's winter.

Dying in the Parks: Park Service Concerned About Suicides

Each year nearly 100 people attempt suicide somewhere in the national park system. That's a troubling statistic for the National Park Service.

Grand Canyon Officials Release EA on Bright Angel Trailhead Improvements

A plan to improve the area around the Bright Angel Trailhead in Grand Canyon National Park is now available for public comment.

Plague Confirmed As Cause of Death for Grand Canyon Biologist

The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that plague caused the death of a Grand Canyon National Park wildlife biologist earlier this month.

With The Off-Season Here, Lodging Deals Are Popping Up Throughout the National Park System

Students are back in school, the weather is turning, the leaves have mostly fallen. Also falling are the costs of booking a room in national park lodges for the next few months.

Plague Suspected In Death Of Grand Canyon National Park Employee

Plague is suspected as the cause of death of a 37-year-old National Park Service employee at Grand Canyon National Park. Eric York, a wildlife biologist, was found dead in his home on the South Rim earlier this month.

Grand Canyon National Park: Open To Some Faiths

Religion in the national parks is a white-hot topic. Just mention that park rangers at Grand Canyon National Park can't discuss the geologic age of that canyon, as PEER suggested late last year, and you'll draw a crowd.

4-Year-old Dies in Fall off South Rim of Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon near Mather Point; 'sbisson' via Flickr.
A 4-year-old girl has been killed in a fall from the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Lodging Deals Can be Had in the National Parks

While it seems the cost of booking a room in a national park seems to be on an ever-upward spiral, there are bargains to be had if you're flexible in your travel.

If You Have to Ask the Price, The Ahwahnee And Jenny Lake Lodge Are Probably Out of Reach

Earlier this summer we ran a list of the Top 10 Lodges in the park system. Admittedly it's a "soft" list, one that definitely is not objective. But what some might find objectionable are the nightly costs for staying in some of these places.

10 Best Lodges in the National Parks

The Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park; Jim Brekke photo.
It would seem to be an impossible task, to compile a list of all the lodges across the park system and figure out the 10 best. Well, someone has done it, although I'm not sure I agree with the results. Is your favorite on this list?

Top 10 Most Visited National Parks

Great Smoky Mountains National Park entrance sign; Jimmy Wayne photo.
Ever wonder what the most visited parks in the system are? How about least visited? The NPS office of statistics answers this question once a year with an ordered, ranked table cataloging recreation visits to each of the NPS managed units across the USA. So, what is the most visited park? Read on for the answer.
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Frommer What I liked about working on National Parks With Kids is that it allowed me to take a slightly different look at the parks. For sure, parks are family friendly. But when you're trying to guide families with young kids into the parks, well, you can't focus on 18-mile round-trip hikes and scaling the Grand Teton.
Hey Ranger!: True Tales of Humor & Misadventure from America While there are plenty of books that detail the fine line between life and death in the parks, Burnett shares a glimpse of a side of life in our national parks that draws a chuckle, not a grimace.
National Parks of the American West For Dummies Well, I hate shameless self-promotions, but I did write this book and I think it does a pretty good job of giving you a lay of the land for the parks it covers. Let me know what you think.
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