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Grand Canyon National Park

Birding In The National Parks: Working To Build Whooper Populations

It’s a safe bet that not too many travelers reading this post have visited Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park. It’s Canada’s largest park and one of the largest national parks in the world at nearly five times the area of Yellowstone, but to say it’s a thirty-hour drive northeast of Seattle is an understatement of its remoteness.

GAO Report: NPS Revenues Up, But Not Keeping Pace With Inflation

It's a good news, bad news story. The good news is that the National Park Service's revenues increased 15 percent between 2005 and 2014. The bad news is that the increase didn't keep up with inflation, and in the end total funding for the agency actually went down by 3 percent, according to an investigation by the General Accounting Office.

Grand Canyon Employee Disciplined For Repeated Sexual Harassment Hired At Another NPS Office

In the process of investigating charges of sexual harassment at Grand Canyon National Park, authorities discovered that a park employee who resigned after "being disciplined for repeated acts of sexual harassment and misconduct during river trips" landed a job at the National Park Service's Submerged Resources Center in New Mexico.

Grand Canyon National Park Officials Accused Of Overlooking Sexually Hostile Environment

For roughly 15 years life deep in the Inner Gorge of Grand Canyon National Park at times reflected rowdy, sexually charged scenes from a frat party for some National Park Service employees, with male employees pawing and propositioning female workers, some of who at times exhibited their own risqué behavior. Now, after an investigation spawned by a letter of complaint to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, the Park Service is determined to change the culture within its River District once and for all.

Equestrian Unit From Grand Canyon National Park To Appear In Rose Bowl Parade

To kick off the new year and to celebrate the National Park Service’s Centennial, Grand Canyon National Park is participating in the 127th Rose Parade Friday, January 1. The theme for the 2016 Rose Parade- “Find Your Adventure”- is a nod to “Find Your Park,” a public campaign to raise awareness and excitement for the NPS Centennial.

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