Grand Portage National Monument

Wolves Wander From Grand Portage Indian Reservation To Isle Royale National Park And Back

A pair of wolves whose home range is on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation in Minnesota recently used an ice bridge to cross 14 miles over Lake Superior to Isle Royale National Park, where they wandered for five days before returning to the mainland.

Paddling The Border Route In The Boundary Waters

It’s a 200-mile paddle along Minnesota’s Border Route, from Crane Lake on the eastern side of Voyageurs National Park to Grand Portage National Monument on Lake Superior. There are twists and turns as it follows a series of pristine, remote lakes linked by portages along the Minnesota and Ontario border.

Dispersing Isle Royale National Park Wolf Killed By Pellet Wound

A female wolf that crossed from Isle Royale National Park to Grand Portage National Monument via an ice bridge across Lake Superior was killed by a pellet gun wound, according to veterinarians.

Via A Wayward Wolf, Connections Strengthened Between Isle Royale And Grand Portage

Recently, a wolf left Isle Royale National Park for the mainland via an ice bridge across Lake Superior. It later was found dead in Grand Portage National Monument. What follows is a story about the connections between Isle Royale and Grand Portage.

Grand Portage National Monument Altering Schedule To Cope With Budget Cuts

A slight shift in operational hours at Grand Portage National Monument in Minnesota will occur late this spring due to budget cuts mandated by Congress and the White House.

Interpretive Film At Grand Portage National Monument Includes Version In Ojibwemowin

In what may be a first, an interpretive film created for Grand Portage National Monument in Minnesota is available in Ojibwemowin, the traditional language of the Grand Portage people.
Paddle North: Canoeing the Boundary Waters-Quetico Wilderness If you prefer the steady dip of a paddle over a footstep down a path, a new book about canoeing from Greg Breining is a book of dreams.

Traveler's Checklist: Grand Portage National Monument

the historic Rendezvous Days encampment
Wilderness exploration, high finance, and a frontier trading post are all part of the story at Grand Portage National Monument (Minnesota), and the park's big annual event is coming up later this week. Here are some tips to make the most of your visit, summer or fall.

Minnesota’s Grand Portage National Monument Commemorates the Historic Fur Trade Era

Located on an Indian reservation in northeastern Minnesota, Grand Portage National Monument was established September 15, 1951, to commemorate the historic North American fur trade. A British fur trading company operated a summer headquarters and western supply depot at Grand Portage from 1778 until 1802.

Apostle Islands, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshores Taking Steps to Prevent Spread of Fish Virus

Fishing in waters of Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks national lakeshores is going to be a bit more difficult this year, as emergency restrictions are being implemented in an effort to prevent the spread of a deadly fish virus.

Parks and Tribe Establish Plan to Fight Fish Disease in Lake Superior

The National Park Service and the Grand Portage Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa have agreed to work together on efforts to protect park and tribal fishery resources in Lake Superior from a deadly fish disease known as viral hemorrhagic septicemia, or VHS.

A New Foundation Arises to Aid Lake Superior Parks

National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation
As times grow increasingly tougher, financially, for the National Park Service, individual parks can find a bit of a lifeline in non-profit friends groups. The latest non-profit to surface is the National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation.
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