Grand Teton National Park

Do You Know This Grand Teton National Park Ranger?

A simple encounter between a young ranger in Grand Teton National Park and three youngsters not only made for a great fishing experience, but just might have influenced one to a career with the National Park Service.

Backcountry Travelers in Grand Teton National Park Advised Of Avalanche Danger

While the bountiful winter is recharging both reservoirs and lakes in the Rockies and High Sierra, it also has lengthened the avalanche season for potential slides. In Grand Teton National Park the especially huge snowpack has officials warning backcountry travelers to be cognizant of avalanche conditions.

North Face Grant Helps Grand Teton National Park Foundation Help Kids, Families Explore Grand Teton National Park

A helpful donation from The North Face will help bring more kids and families to enjoy the wonders of Grand Teton National Park through two programs offered by the Grand Teton National Park Foundation.

Rounding Them Up and Heading Them Out at Grand Teton National Park

They'll be rounding them up and heading them out at Grand Teton National Park this Saturday, which means motorists might encounter both a stronger taste of the West and some short delays along U.S. 26/89/191, according to park officials.

Backcountry Skier Survives Tumbling 2,000-Foot Fall At Grand Teton National Park

A Jackson, Wyoming, man somehow managed to survive a tumbling 2,000-foot fall in Grand Teton National Park, where he and two partners planned to summit Teewinot Mountain and then ski down its east face.

Pick Your Park At National Parks Traveler

Looking for information to help you plan your national park vacation? Today the Traveler is rolling out the first in a series of "park profile" pages to help you with your homework.

Plan Crafted To Address Threats To Whitebark Pine Forests in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Threats posed by an imported disease and a tiny beetle to vital stands of whitebark pine trees near the roof of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are to be addressed by a multi-tiered approach developed by the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee.
Whitebark Pine Strategy.pdf1.87 MB

Traveler's Gear Box: Hummingbird Gear Cargo Carrier

Spend time playing in the water during your national park excursions? If you paddle in the parks or slither through slot canyons that might offer water hazards, the Hummingbird Gear Cargo Carrier is a pack you might want to consider.

Enjoy The National Parks This Summer...But Don't Overlook Your Safety

With the summer travel season officially here, millions of folks will be heading out into the National Park System in the coming months. If you're one of them, just remember to be mindful of your safety, and that of your family and friends.

Odds and Ends From Around the National Parks To Kickoff The Summer Travel Season

With spring still on its way to the Rockies and High Sierra, and summer well under way in some parts of the country, this seems a perfect time to honor all 2010 Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, consider ways to support national parks, and look at ways to enjoy the parks.

Grand Teton National Park Urging Motorists To Slow Down and Watch Out For Wildlife

It's getting to be that time of year again -- summer's coming, folks are heading out to national parks, and wildlife are losing their lives to collisions with vehicles.

NPCA Leading Petition Drive To Protect Funding for National Parks

From time to time we get asked by readers what can they do to help the National Park Service out? Well, today you can sign a petition being circulated by the National Parks Conservation Association urging Congress to safeguard national park funding.

Study Points To Value Of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem For Future of Wolverines

A four-year search for wolverines in Yellowstone National Park and the ecosystem neighboring the eastern half of the park detected surprisingly few of the carnivores, but concluded that the park has increasingly valuable habitat that could help the species avoid extinction in the contiguous United States.

Marking 'Endangered Species Day' In the National Park System

Across the National Park System there are successes to note in pulling species back from the brink of extinction. But there also are stories to lament.

Grand Teton National Park Offers Busy Summer Featuring Native American Artists

From bead work and flint knapping to flautists and painters, Grand Teton National Park is offering a busy summer schedule of Native American artists at the Colter Bay Vistior Center and Indian Arts Museum.

Lodging Discounts Available At Grand Teton National Park

If you're flexible and ready to travel, you can land some discounted lodging in Grand Teton National Park this spring and later in the fall.

Where Can You See Wildlife Right Now: Grand Teton National Park

Spring -- a time of renewal, of wildlife migrations, and of growth in animal populations -- is a great time to be in Grand Teton National Park if you want to see wildlife.

Grand Teton National Park

Schwabacher Landing, copyright QT Luong,

Swift, powerful strokes carry the osprey and its meal away from the river. Winging through the trees that line the Snake River, the raptor carries a fat, protein-rich fish -- a trout, maybe a sucker -- that its talons moments ago had plucked from the swirling river.

Discounted Campsites On the Way in June to Mark 'National Great Outdoors Month'

To help encourage folks to get out and enjoy National Great Outdoors Month in June, a wide array of campgrounds across the country, many close to national parks, are offering a 20 percent discount on camping fees.

A Warm Welcome to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation To Traveler's Sponsorship Ranks

We'd like to welcome the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, the non-profit that brings bear boxes to the national park, plans to help raise funds to create a proper setting in Grand Teton to display nearly 1,500 Native American artifacts, and links younger generations to the park, to the Traveler's sponsorship ranks.

"State of Birds" Report Points To Value of National Parks, Other Public Lands For Birds

The Interior Department's 2011 "State of the Birds" report focuses on the importance that national parks, and other public landscapes, provide for hundreds of bird species.

Searchers Find Bodies of Missing Backcountry Skiers at Grand Teton National Park

Rescuers on Sunday recovered the bodies of two missing backcountry skiers at Grand Teton National Park, digging through 13 feet of snow to reach them.

Clear Weather Saturday Improves Search Conditions For Missing Backcountry Skiers in Grand Teton National Park

A search for two missing backcountry skiers at Grand Teton National Park entered its sixth day Saturday with clear skies and calm winds, but the task remained daunting in light of 3 feet of snow that had fallen in the past week.

Deterioriating Weather Forces Suspension of Search For Missing Backcountry Skiers at Grand Teton National Park

Deterioriating weather conditions Thursday forced a halt to the search for two backcountry skiers in Grand Teton National Park.

Search Continues For Missing Backcountry Skiers in Grand Teton National Park

A search for two missing backcountry skiers at Grand Teton National Park moved into its third day Wednesday as crews got some better weather conditions than what they've had so far.

Avalanche Hazards Overshadow Search and Rescue Effort in Grand Teton National Park

An early spring snowstorm that accelerated the threat of avalanches was slowing search efforts in Grand Teton National Park's backcountry for two men who failed to return from a weekend trek as planned.

Just How Healthy Is National Park Food For You?

Hiking in a national park certainly is good for your health, but did you ever wonder whether that meal you purchased in the park was offsetting the benefits of that hike? In a bid to help you judge, the National Park Service is working to determine just how nutritious meals purchased in the parks are.
Food for the Parks Report.pdf1.62 MB

Kicking Off National Park Week By Getting Dirty At Joshua Tree National Park

National Park Week arrived in Southern California with hot, dry, sunny weather, and a volunteer effort indicative of the good that can be done for national parks when the need is demonstrated.

National Parks' Closure Being Highlighted In Congressional Budget Impasse

National parks are being wielded to build opposition to the congressional budget impasse that could lead to the first shutdown of the federal government since 1995-96.
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