Grand Teton National Park

PEER Claims National Park Service Director's Order On Wilderness Management Is Off-Base

Is the National Park Service adding clarity, or confusion, about how it should be managing wilderness via revisions to its wilderness stewardship guidelines? Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility believes the agency is not only confusing matters, but lessening wilderness protections.
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Grand Teton National Park Will Be Backdrop For The National Park Service Academy

If you see more than a few college students in Grand Teton National Park next week, it's because they're attending the National Park Service Academy during their spring break.

Road Plowing At Grand Teton National Park Set To Begin March 14

If you've had that urge to do some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing along the Teton Park Road in Grand Teton National Park, time is running out this winter. Plowing of the road is scheduled to begin March 15.

Stay On Top Of Your Favorite National Park: Join A Friends Group or Foundation

What's a great way to stay on top of your favorite national park -- aside from reading the Traveler? Join its friends group, foundation, or natural history association.

Issue Of Climbing Fees At Denali National Park Raises Questions Of Fee Equity

Climbing at high elevations is a highly specialized sport, and the support network for those who aspire to summit Mount McKinley in Denali National Park is a million-dollar proposition. While park officials believe climbers should bear more of that cost, the climbing community is pushing back.
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Climbing Community Differs With National Park Service Over Fixed Anchors In Wilderness

If you've ever sat back in El Capitan Meadow in Yosemite National Park to watch climbers ascending that massive granite wall from which the meadow takes its name, odds are you never noticed the "hundreds" of fixed anchors climbers have over the years drilled into that monolith. And yet, they're there.
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Backcountry Skier Lucky in Avalanche in Grand Teton National Park, Sustains Relatively Minor Injuries

A backcountry skier in Grand Teton National Park survived an encounter with an avalanche with relatively minor injuries, although he ended up with a helicopter rescue.

Wyoming Legislature Agrees To Sell Land Inside Grand Teton National Park; Will Congress Pay For It?

Wyoming's Legislature has agreed to sell acreage the state owns inside Grand Teton National Park, but whether the Interior Department can come up with the cash remains to be seen as Congress tries to rein-in the federal deficit.

Reader Participation Day: Where in The National Parks Do You Head To Bird, and What Birds Do You Hope To See?

Birding is one of the many popular activities in the National Park System, and by carrying your binoculars and perhaps a field guide to help you identify what you see, you quickly can expand your "life list" during a park visit. If you're a birder, where in the system do you go, and what are you looking for?

Grand Teton National Park, The Land of Legends

Technology and art often are intertwined to bring a subject to life. For Mike Cavaroc, Grand Teton National Park was the subject, and time-lapse photography was his tool for bringing the park to life.

Will This Be Remembered As Our Preamble To Losing The Wolverine?

Are we willing to stand idly by while the wolverine heads down the path of the dodo, the carrier pigeon, and the Caspian tiger?

Grand Teton National Park Officials Contemplating Needs of Historic Buildings

Across the National Park System there are thousands and thousands of buildings, and more than a few are old, often historic, and in need of some serious repairs and upgrades. But how should the National Park Service go about that? At Grand Teton National Park, that's a question officials are getting ready to explore.

Updated: Winter's Work: Plan Your Summer or Fall National Park Vacation Now

Now is the time to be planning your summer or fall vacations to the national parks.

South Dakota Snowboarder Rescued in Grand Teton National Park's Backcountry After Exiting Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

The side-by-side nature of Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort makes for a magnificent setting, but one which can be dangerous if you're not sure where you are. Fortunately for a South Dakota snowboarder, park rangers and resort patrollers are experts at coming to the rescue.

Report Lists 10 U.S. Ecosystems Whose Species Are Most-Threatened By Climate Change

A new report names the 10 ecosystems in the United States whose species are most-threatened by climate change. Among the parks included in those ecosystems are Yellowstone, Everglades, and Yosemite.
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Lease For Airport Inside Grand Teton National Park Extended

A 20-year lease extension has been granted for the Jackson Hole Airport, which lies within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agrees Wolverines Need ESA Protection, But They'll Have to Wait

Too many species, too little staff. That's the roadblock preventing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from immediately adding the wolverine to the list of species with protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Interior Officials, Wyoming Officials Agree On $107 Million Deal For Roughly 1,400 Acres Inside Grand Teton National Park

What's the value of land in the Rocky Mountains? Better than $75,000 an acre if that land happens to lie beneath the Tetons in Grand Teton National Park.

Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Parks Ready for Winter Season to Open

A snowy November has created a good base throughout Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks for the upcoming winter season, which kicks off on Wednesday.

Open House to Discuss Wild and Scenic Snake River Headwaters at Grand Teton National Park

A legacy of the late U.S. Sen. Craig Thomas, the Wild and Scenic Snake River Headwaters, is moving towards full fruition with an open house next week to discuss how it should be managed.

Finding Winter Bliss in a National Park Lodge

Winter can be a blissful time to visit the national parks. You can head south, and enjoy the warm weather and simply pitch your tent, or you can head to the snow belt and explore the parks on skis or snowshoes. But where should you stay? We asked our lodging experts, David and Kay Scott, for their recommendations.

A Holiday Gift List For National Park Travelers

What do you get for that national park lover in the family? The options are more diverse than you might imagine.

Black Bear Put Down at Grand Teton National Park Due to Its Lodge Intrusions

A black bear that took too much of a liking for a lodge at Grand Teton National Park was put down by rangers because of its unhealthy interest in humans and their food.

Roads Closing in Grand Teton National Park for Winter Season

With snow already on the ground, Grand Teton National Park officials are getting ready to set out the "road closed" signs on the park's interior roads.

More Bear Boxes Installed At Grand Teton National Park Campgrounds

One of the most comforting things you can find in your national park campground that lies within bear country is a metal box into which you can store your foodstuffs and cooking gear when you're not using it. And recent work in Grand Teton National Park means there's going to be quite a few more comfortable campers enjoying the park.

Climber Rescued From Perilous Perch In Grand Teton National Park

A 26-year-old climber who found himself in a perilous position on Teewinot Mountain in Grand Teton National Park resorted to a life-line -- his cellphone -- to summon help, and rangers responded with a helicopter to lift him to safety.

Moving From Fall Towards Winter In the National Parks

The transition from fall to winter is harsher than the ones from spring to summer or summer to fall. The signs practically assault your senses. And yet, the transition can be much too quick.

The Role of Partnerships in the National Park System

Can you imagine what would be missing in the national parks if not for partnerships forged with non-profit groups?

New Director in National Park Service's Intermountain Region Looking Forward to Challenges

John Wessels finds himself in arguably one of the best jobs in the National Park Service, that as director of the agency's sprawling Intermountain Region, and yet there probably aren't many who envy him at this point.

Visitor Survey: Grand Teton National Park

A demographic survey on the visitors to Grand Teton National Park has uncovered a disturbing trend: There are fewer children visiting the park now than there were just a decade ago.
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