Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Touring Hawaii And Its National Parks Without Leaving Home

With underwriting from the National Parks Conservation Association's National Parks magazine, the folks at Wild Collective filmed and produced the following 4:26-minute travelogue of Hawaii and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

National Parks of Pacific Islands Offers One Great Website

Getting to Hawaii and the national parks that dot the Pacific Ocean is no easy task. But you can get some great information and virtually visit the parks by following the National Parks of the Pacific Islands' website.
Why are the volcanic eruptions at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park more showy than explosively dangerous, such as those at Mount St. Helens or Mount Fuji? This short video explains.

Learning About the Volcanic Plumbing System at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

One of the more spectacular sights in the National Park System is at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park when red-hot lava streams into the Pacific Ocean. To help visitors understand this process, the National Park Service and U.S. Geological Survey have produced this short video.

Creature Feature: The Hawaiian Hoary Bat (‘ōpe‘ape‘a) is Hawaii’s Only Native Terrestrial Mammal

How hoary bats ever managed to cross thousands of miles of open sea to colonize the Hawaiian Islands is a mystery we may never solve. Scientists do think we’ll figure out how to make their place in the islands secure for the foreseeable future.

How to Keep a Close Eye on Those Active Volcanoes at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

For most of us, a trip to Hawaii and its national parks is not a spur-of-the-moment adventure. But that's not to say you can't keep an eye on the Big Island's two active volcanoes from the comfort of your home.

Traveler’s Checklist: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Volcanic activity and volcanic landscapes are the centerpiece attractions of this unique park on Hawaii’s Big Island. Here are some things to know before you go.

January is Volcano Awareness Month at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park this month? Then check out the roster of activities that have been arranged to celebrate "Volcano Awareness Month" in the park.
This Quicktime movie shows a small explosive event at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in the Halema`uma`u vent at 9:20 a.m Saturday. The explosion was immediately preceded by a portion of the vent rim collapsing into the vent cavity.

The National Parks: America's Best Idea

National parks represent a spectacular legacy handed down to today’s generations, but it is one that also carries a hefty responsibility of stewardship. That becomes quickly obvious in Ken Burns’ The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. This notion of responsible stewardship is not new at all. In many ways it’s trite.

Updated: Parks in Hawaii Prepare for Tropical Storm Felicia

Hawaii Volcanoes NP scene.
NPS sites in Hawaii are preparing for the expected arrival of Tropical Storm Felicia later today. Backcountry trails and campsites and other areas have been closed at two parks, and visitors should check on current conditions before planning a visit.

National Park Quiz 61: Heat

It’s July, so heat is as good a theme as any for this week’s quiz. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you devise 101 simple experiments illustrating that heat is an unavoidable byproduct of work.

The Glow at Hawaii Volcanoes is Good for Business

An impressive noctural light display at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, may be responsible for a recent small but noticeable uptick in travel to the Big Island and the park this month. With Hawaii’s national park visitation way down, even a minor boost in visitation is very welcome.

Tourist Traffic At Hawaiian National Parks Way Down This Year

With fuel prices up, airfares up, and incomes stagnant if not down, is it any surprise that visitation to national parks on the Hawaiian Islands is down quite a bit this year?

Staying Safe and How Not to Become A SAR Statistic in the National Park System

If you subconsciously want to become a search-and-rescue statistic in the National Park System, your best chance would be in either Grand Canyon National Park, Gateway National Recreation Area, or Yosemite National Park.

Interior Secretary Salazar Sends $15.2 Million to USGS Volcano Observatories to Improve Monitoring

The five U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Observatories are receiving $15.2 million to help upgrade their monitoring of volcanics across the West, in Alaska, and in Hawaii, including within Yellowstone, Mount Rainier, Hawaii Volcanoes, and Lake Clark national parks.

Volcanics in the National Parks: They Ain't All Tied to "Redoubt"

Yellowstone National Park entered the new year shaking and rattling. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any real rolling just yet. But over at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Redoubt Volcano has been going through its own gyrations, and volcanologists suspect it just might erupt any time now. Against that backdrop, if you want to see volcanics in action, or signs thereof, the National Park System has many opportunities for you.

National Park Quiz 39: Winter

This week’s quiz will find out if you are a winterwise park visitor. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you explain why the Bergeron-Findeisen process grows snowflakes only because the equilibrium vapor pressure of water vapor with respect to ice is less than that with respect to liquid water at the same subfreezing temperature.

Fatal Glider Crash at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Additional details are becoming available about the recent tragic crash of a glider at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

A Dangerous Trek for Lava Lovers

Would you like an up close and personal view of the big lava flow that’s making its way into Hawaii Volcanoes National Park? You’ll need to make a long trek over dangerous, unmarked terrain. Check with park officials first.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Celebrates Its "Stand-Alone" Birthday and Kilauea Provides the Fireworks

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park came into being as a component of Hawaii National Park in 1916, but it it wasn't until September 22, 1961, that it became a stand-alone unit. The fireworks for its 47th "stand-alone birthday" are being provided by Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. An eruption that began March 19 has yielded half a dozen explosive eruptions, a roiling lake of lava, and a mile-high ash plume.

Hawaii’s National Parks Are Attracting Fewer Visitors

Hawaii’s national parks are attracting fewer visitors than last year. As of July, attendance tallies were down nearly 10% for the year and showing signs of getting worse, especially at the parks located furthest from the main tourism/convention hub at Honolulu.

National Park Quiz 15: Ring of Fire

This week’s quiz tests your knowledge of geologic features and processes in the national parks that lie within the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that rings the Pacific Basin. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we'll make you write "convergent boundary" 100 times on the whiteboard.
You'll be hard-pressed to find a more dynamic setting than at ocean's edge at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park when a river of molten lava is pouring into the Pacific Ocean.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park protects and showcases a spectacular volcanic resource. Visit the park and you're able to see lava flows, steam vents, and possibly minor eruptions.

Threats to the Parks: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Struggles with Invasive Plants

Many nonnative plant and animal species that have invaded our national parks pose a danger to the native species. On Hawaii’s Big Island, invasive plants are threatening to wreak ecosystem havoc in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. To combat this onslaught, the Park Service uses manual and mechanical removal, herbicide spraying, and biological controls.

Elevated Sulphur Dioxide Levels Prompt Closure of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Elevated concentrations of sulphur dioxide gas venting from the Kilauea Volcano have prompted the closure of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Evacuation Plans Prepared For Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Due to High SO2 Levels

A substantial surge in sulfur dioxide gases being vented in the Halema'uma'u Crater at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has prompted park officials to prepare an evacuation plan. For now, though, trade winds and rain seem to be safely dispersing the gases.

High SO2 Levels Force Road Closure at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Unusually high, and potentially toxic, levels of sulfur dioxide have prompted the closure of a popular drive at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Park History: National Parks Built Around Caves and Caverns

One of the most intriguing interpretive tours I’ve joined across the national park system was the “wild cave tour” offered at Mammoth Cave National Park. For six or more hours in sections of the cave off-limits to the more traditional tours we scooted through tight places on our bellies when not able to get by on hands and knees.
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