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Jewel Cave National Monument

On The Road In The National Park System: There's Cold In Those Hills

The Black Hills have long been considered sacred ground by the native people, and after a visit here, perhaps you will too. Start your journey in Rapid City, South Dakota, which is set against the eastern slope of the mountains. The history here, of miners, soldiers, and native tribes, is fascinating. Gold drew the original settlers, but tourism now sustains the region.

150 Miles Long and Still Counting - Jewel Cave National Monument Passes a Milestone

The second longest cave in the world just got a little larger—at least in terms of the number of miles of surveyed passages. Volunteer cavers have recently mapped new areas at Jewel Cave National Monument which pushed the total known length of Jewel Cave past the 150-mile mark.

If You Can You Squeeze Through an 8.5 x 24-Inch Opening, You Can Take the Spelunking Tour at Jewel Cave National Monument

South Dakota’s Jewel Cave National Monument, which celebrates its 101st birthday today, offers convenient access to underground beauty and the world’s second longest cave system. While it hasn’t always been easy for the public to enjoy Jewel’s scenic wonders, visitors today have three great tours to choose from. Be prepared for a tight squeeze if you choose the Spelunking Tour.

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