Katmai National Park and Preserve

Could Joe Miller Really Force the Federal Government to Hand Over Denali National Park to Alaska?

Alaska's latest political upstart, Joe Miller, wants to go Wyoming Gov. David Freudenthal one better. While Governor Freudenthal had threatened to sell state lands within Grand Teton National Park to the highest bidder, Mr. Miller wants the federal government to turn over all national parks to the Alaskan government.

Updated: Improving Weather Aids in Search for Missing Plane at Katmai National Park

Though good weather returned to Katmai National Park and Preserve on Monday, searchers again failed to detect any trace of a single-engine plane that vanished nine days ago on a flight to retrieve a work crew from a remote shore.

Weather Conditions Continuing To Hamper Search Efforts For Missing Katmai National Park Plane

Shifting weather conditions -- from good to bad to good again -- have hampered search efforts for a plane missing for more than a week over Katmai National Park and Preserve.

Deterioriating Weather Conditions Affecting Search For Missing Plane at Katmai National Park and Preserve

An approaching low front that was spreading clouds and rain across Katmai National Park and Preserve was hampering search efforts Friday for a missing plane and its four occupants.

Search For Missing Plane in Katmai National Park and Preserve Has Covered 17,500 Miles

Searchers returned to the skies over Katmai National Park and Preserve on Thursday as the hunt for a missing plane and its four occupants moved into its sixth day.

Still No Sign of Missing Plane In Katmai National Park After Four Days of Searching

As searchers continued to come up empty in their effort to find a plane with four occupants aboard that vanished on a flight from Katmai National Park and Preserve, officials Wednesday reoriented the searching to a more typical grid pattern.

Search and Rescue Maps from Katmai National Park and Preserve

To get a great idea of how many flights have been made, and what paths those flights took, in the ongoing search for a missing plane over Katmai National Park and Preserve, the National Park Service has posted some maps.

Search For Missing Plane at Katmai National Park and Preserve Enters Fourth Day

Crews headed out for their fourth day of searching Tuesday for a small plane with four aboard that failed to return from a remote shore in Katmai National Park and Preserve.

Updated: Searchers Looking for Missing Plane With Park Service Employees Aboard at Katmai National Park and Preserve

Searchers looking for a missing plane with four occupants in Katmai National Park and Preserve focused Monday on a series of river valleys that drain down into Kamishak Bay.

No Sign of German Backpacker Who Went Missing In Katmai National Park and Preserve

A search for a backpacker from Germany who vanished when he tried to retrieve his hiking boots from the Lethe River has been suspended for lack of clues, according to Katmai National Park and Preserve officials.

Search Under Way For Missing Hiker In Katmai National Park and Preserve

A search continued Monday in Katmai National Park and Preserve for a German hiker who vanished from his party in the backcountry.

Should Katmai National Park Replace Its Swikshak Patrol "Cabin"? One Picture Should Answer That Question

Every now and then a project proposed by the National Park Service stands out. That certainly seems to be the case of the proposal from Katmai National Park and Preserve to replace a plywood box long used as the backcountry patrol cabin on the coast of Shelikof Strait with a more weather-proof and comfortable facility.

National Park Quiz 67: Potpourri III

We haven’t had a potpourri quiz since March, so here’s another batch of category leftovers and hard-to fit questions. Hope you find ‘em interesting. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll just look the other way. Everybody deserves a free pass now and then.

Blown Over and Blown Away at Katmai National Park and Preserve

Katmai National Park and Preserve is a classic example of an Alaskan park—beautiful, remote and limited development. When high winds caused several accidents and stranded tourists, the staff came to the rescue in more ways than one.

Take Care if You're Visiting Alaska National Parks, As Bears Aren't Being Bashful

Two recent bear incidents in national parks in Alaska should send a message to all visitors that they have to be particularly vigilant when traveling in bear country.
Bear-watching in Alaska is a big draw for tourists come summer. This podcast offers pointers on where to go in search of bears, what permits are necessary, and how to stay safe.
Most of us know about Yellowstone National Park and its fuming and sputtering and spouting geyser basins. And Lake Clark National Park and Preserve has been in the news lately with the rumbling and sputtering of Redoubt Volcano. But how many are familiar with the Forge of Vulcan?

Alaska Game Officials Being Asked to Ease Off On Killing Bears and Wolves in National Park Preserves

For many Lower 48ers, the state of Alaska is perceived as a big, raw chunk of wilderness, complete with booming wildlife populations. And perhaps it is, but there's a growing concern that Alaska's wildlife managers are getting carried away with their bag limits on national park landscapes.

28 Years Ago, the National Park System Gained Millions of Acres

Imagine if the National Park System could grow, overnight, by 43 million acres. That's exactly what happened nearly three decades ago in a place called Alaska.

Find Me, Spot. Staying Found in The National Parks

Backcountry rangers in some Alaska national parks routinely signal their position with "Spot," a personal locater beacon that can be used to summon help or to simply let friends know you're OK. Recently, Spot helped rangers find two backcountry travelers in Sequoia National Park who found themselves in trouble.

National Park Quiz 15: Ring of Fire

This week’s quiz tests your knowledge of geologic features and processes in the national parks that lie within the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that rings the Pacific Basin. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we'll make you write "convergent boundary" 100 times on the whiteboard.
What, you might wonder, is a bear jam in Katmai National Park and Preserve? To understand this phenomenon, listen to this podcast in which Ranger Michael Glore differentiates between jamming bears and a crush of tourists anxious to see brown bears at Brooks Camp.
If you've ever spent any time fishing, you know how hard it is to reach down and grab a fish with your bare hands. Well, the wolves at Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska are pretty gifted when it comes to fishing, as this National Park Service video reveals.

Would a Change in Gun Laws Be a Threat to National Park Bears?

Katmai bears. NPS Photo.
Would a change in the national park system's gun laws pose a threat to wildlife? In Alaska, there are some concerns that brown bears at Katmai National Park and Preserve might appear too threatening to some gun owners.

Twenty-seven Years Ago, Eight National Parks Came to Be

Never before have, and probably never again will, so many national parks come into existence on the same date. Given birth by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act were Denali, Gates of Arctic, Glacier Bay, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark and Wrangell-St. Elias national parks.

Park History: How Volcanics Sculpted Parts of the National Park System

Talk volcanoes and national parks and folks usually think of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and perhaps Lassen Volcanic National Park. In truth, though, there are at least 13 units of the national park system that have a volcanic past in some form or fashion.

Alaska Regional Director Responds To Outrage Over Katmai Preserve Bear Hunt

Brown Bear in Katmai Preserve; Daniel Zatz photographer.
The Katmai bear video has been one of the most-viewed posts on National Parks Traveler, being watched more than 4,000 times in less than a week. It has generated anguish, anger and controversy. Against this backdrop, Alaska Regional Director Marcia Blaszak has taken a moment to explain the Park Service's viewpoint of how to manage the bear hunt in Katmai National Preserve.

Katmai Bear Hunt: Outfitter Says It's No Walk in the Woods

Scott Dickerson photo.
An outfitter whose clients at close range gunned down brown bears in Katmai National Preserve contends the hunt is not akin to "shooting fish in a barrel." And Jim Hamilton claims those who filmed portions of the hunt ruined the hunters' experience.
Scott Dickerson Photo, Used With Permission.There are places in the national park system where hunting is allowed. That's not the issue with this post. Rather, it's the ethical questions that swirl around the bear "hunt" that the National Park Service has allowed in the preserve portion of Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Video attached.
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