Kings Canyon National Park

UPDATE: Seven Mules, Two Horses Owned By National Park Service Dead After Water System Failure

Seven mules and two horses owned by the National Park Service for use in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks recently were discovered dead in their winter pasture, apparently due to the failure of a "remote watering system."

Be Bear Aware If You're Heading To Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Or Yosemite National Parks

Bears are part of the package if you travel to the High Sierra parks -- Sequoia, Kings Canyon, or Yosemite -- and you should know what to expect and how to react if you encounter one this summer.

The Best National Park Campgrounds (According To Us)

Here are the best national park campgrounds, according to the Traveler's lodging experts, David and Kay Scott, who actually spend more time in a tent than you might imagine!

Concessions Contract Prospectus Floated For Lodging, Dining At Kings Canyon National Park

The current concessions contract for Kings Canyon National Park runs out at year's end, and the National Park Service recently issued its contract prospectus for businesses interested in bidding for the operations.

President Sent Legislation To Allow Commercial Horse Packing In Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Park

Legislation that clears the way for the National Park Service to resume issuing permits for commercial horse pack trips in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks headed Friday to President Obama for his signature.

House Moves Quickly To Authorize Commercial Pack Trips In Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks

Moving with amazing speed, the House of Representatives today passed on a voice vote legislation designed to permit commercial horsepackers to operate in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks this summer as usual. The bill still needs to be considered by the Senate, however.

House Democrats Urge GOP Leadership To Solve Horse-Packing Stalemate At Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks

Republican leadership in the House of Representatives could resolve the horse-packing stalemate at Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks through a legislative initiative, according to California Democrats.

Effort To Reduce Horse Access To Wilderness In Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks Turning Into Wedge Issue

Armed with a ruling that the National Park Service violated The Wilderness Act in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks with the way it managed horse pack trips, a hikers association now wants the judge to order the agency to rein-in the pack trips.
SEKI-High Sierra Hikers Motion.pdf138.37 KB

Court Rules That Sequoia National Park Officials Violated Wilderness Act By Allowing Horse Trips

More than 40 years after deciding that they would ban the use of stock animals in the high country of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, park officials have both failed to do so and have been found in violation of The Wilderness Act for failing to assess the environmental impact of the animals.
Sequoia-Kings-Court-Order-2012-01-24-1.pdf157.95 KB

Millions Of Dollars Heading To National Parks For Road, Multiple-Use Trail Improvements

Millions of dollars are flowing to the National Park System for work on aging roads and multiple-use trails in need of some TLC, and transportation systems thanks to the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in the Parks program overseen by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Pacific Crest Trailside Reader: Oregon and Washington: Adventure, History, and Legend on the Long - Distance Trail If you can't find yourself out on a trail, then perhaps the next best thing is reading about trails, no? Which is a good reason to invest in The Pacific Crest Trailside Reader, a two-volume collection of narratives that share in common the Pacific Crest Trail.

Ambitious Plan To Rebuild Concessions Operations In Kings Canyon Scaled Back Due To Lack of Funding

An ambitious look at how to improve the concessions available at Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park has come to disappointing conclusion: The Park Service can't afford to make all of the proposed changes, and so will focus on only one aspect of the initial proposal.

Updated: Search Ends For Hiker Overdue In Kings Canyon National Park

A search for a man overdue in the backcountry of Kings Canyon National Park was resolved when the man hiked out of the park on his own, park officials said Sunday.

Could You Handle This Job? Arrowhead Hotshots Celebrate 30 Years of Fire Fighting Excellence

A small group of men and women hold one of the most highly sought after jobs in the National Park Service, but the work is also some of the most challenging anywhere in the country. This year the Arrowhead Hotshots celebrate 30 years of service as one of the elite wildland fire crews in the U.S.A.
Yosemite & the Southern Sierra Nevada: Includes Mammoth Lakes, Sequoia, Kings Canyon & Death Valley - A Great Destination (Explorer There are times when one national park jaunt could entail several national parks, and so you think you'll need several guidebooks to the parks on your itinerary. Well, if you're heading to the High Sierra parks of Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon, there's just one book you really need.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agrees Whitebark Pines Need Help From Climate Change, But Will Have To Wait

Whitebark pine trees, a foundation species that grows high in the upper reaches of parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, Yosemite, and Kings Canyon, is in need of Endangered Species Act protection from climate change, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
FWS-Whitebark Pine Finding.pdf357.53 KB

Should the Giant Sequoia National Monument be Transferred to the National Park Service?

A California congressman and a coalition of environmental groups are calling for management of the Giant Sequoia National Monument to be transferred from the U. S. Forest Service to the National Park Service. The debate highlights the long-standing confusion for many Americans about terms such as "national monument" as well as differences in the mission and management approach of the Forest Service and Park Service.

Plan Crafted To Address Threats To Whitebark Pine Forests in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Threats posed by an imported disease and a tiny beetle to vital stands of whitebark pine trees near the roof of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are to be addressed by a multi-tiered approach developed by the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee.
Whitebark Pine Strategy.pdf1.87 MB

National Park Road Trip 2011: Kings Canyon National Park

Having crossed the country in four weeks, David and Kay Scott stopped for three nights in Kings Canyon National Park to work on updating their book, The Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges. Weighing camping in the snow at Grant Grove vs. divorce, David and Kay wisely headed down in elevation to a much warmer campground at Cedar Grove.

Road Work Will Lead To Short Delays in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks From Now Into November

Ahh spring in the national parks. It's a great time to witness the arrival of wildflowers, wildlife on the move, and, in more than a few parks, the road crews with their orange vests and flags. In Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, these crews will be highly visible this summer, much to the chagrin of drivers.
Uncertain Path: A Search for the Future of National Parks The challenges facing the National Park Service and its collections of parks are daunting, perhaps more so than ever before due to the implications of climate change. William Tweed examines those challenges in a new book, Uncertain Path: A Search for the Future of National Parks.

Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks Developing Wilderness Stewardship Plan

Officials at Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks are developing a wilderness stewardship plan for their two parks and are seeking public input on what should be included.

For Women Only: 5 Percent Discount On National Park Treks With Call of the Wild

Sorry guys, this offer isn't for you...unless you want to treat your wife, girlfriend, or sister to a "women only" guided trek through some of the West's national park landscapes.

The National Park Service Played a Vital Role in the Buffalo Soldiers Mapping Project

The National Park Service's CRGIS facility produced maps of significant Buffalo Soldier sites using data supplied by African American and Indian college students working with the Warriors Project to document the "shared history" of black soldiers and American Indians in the frontier West.

111th Congress Did Well When it Comes to National Park Wilderness, But It Could Have Done Better

A review of how Congress acted on wilderness legislation shows that the National Park System benefited quite nicely during the 111th session, but it could have fared better.

Trek to the Nation's Christmas Tree in Kings Canyon National Park on December 12

How better to kick off the year-end holiday season with a snowy trek to the nation's Christmas tree in Sequoia National Park?

A Holiday Gift List For National Park Travelers

What do you get for that national park lover in the family? The options are more diverse than you might imagine.

Study Says Climate Change Could Make Yosemite National Park Hotter Than Sacramento

By the end of the century, climate change could drive typical temperatures in Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley and other national parks in California more than 7 degrees hotter than they were in the later half of the 20th century, according to a new study.

Dark Skies in National Parks Make It Easy to Spot the Space Station: Here's How to Look for It

Here's the information you need to see the International Space Station as it arcs across the night sky. A great place to do that is in a national park beyond the reach of urban light pollution and skyline clutter.

Kings Canyon National Park Officials Seeking Input on Park Concessions

Change is coming to the concession facilities at Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park, and park officials are hoping you can help them figure out which direction to head.
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