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Kings Canyon National Park

House Moves Quickly To Authorize Commercial Pack Trips In Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks

Moving with amazing speed, the House of Representatives today passed on a voice vote legislation designed to permit commercial horsepackers to operate in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks this summer as usual. The bill still needs to be considered by the Senate, however.

Effort To Reduce Horse Access To Wilderness In Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks Turning Into Wedge Issue

Armed with a ruling that the National Park Service violated The Wilderness Act in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks with the way it managed horse pack trips, a hikers association now wants the judge to order the agency to rein-in the pack trips.
SEKI-High Sierra Hikers Motion.pdf

Court Rules That Sequoia National Park Officials Violated Wilderness Act By Allowing Horse Trips

More than 40 years after deciding that they would ban the use of stock animals in the high country of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, park officials have both failed to do so and have been found in violation of The Wilderness Act for failing to assess the environmental impact of the animals.

Millions Of Dollars Heading To National Parks For Road, Multiple-Use Trail Improvements

Millions of dollars are flowing to the National Park System for work on aging roads and multiple-use trails in need of some TLC, and transportation systems thanks to the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in the Parks program overseen by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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