Kings Mountain National Military Park

White-Water, Apple Harvests, And Indian Summer On The Coast Are Among 10 Great Fall National Park Activities

Fall is, in many people's eyes, the best season to enjoy the National Park System. Temperatures are moderating, insects are a thing of the past, forests wrap themselves in dazzling colors, and wildlife is easy to see and often vocal. Here are ten great fall destinations in the park system.

National Park Quiz Week Quiz #3 Revealed: Silly Synonyms Solved

OK, maybe that princess-botherer one was a little over the top.

Spring is Prime Time for Hikes in National Military Parks and Battlefields

Burnside's Bridge at Antietam National Battlefield.
Spring is prime time for hikes in National Military Parks and National Battlefields such as Antietam National Battlefield with its many spring interpretive hikes.

Reader Participation Day: What Is The Most Unusual, Interesting, Or Silly National Park Souvenir You've Seen?

NPS Silly Bandz
National Park Service stores sell books, photographs, postcards and T-shirts. But every once in a while, you can also discover some gems, both silly and fascinating, in the visitor center stores. What have you found?

Traveler's Checklist: A Winter Trip to Kings Mountain National Military Park

KIMO-Major Ferguson's grave
Kings Mountain National Military Park offers a great winter day out. After watching the film explaining the battle, kids could play Loyalist and Tories for hours taking turns climbing to the top of the hill and declaring victory.
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