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Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Rangers Rescue Pair Reported Trapped In Old Mine Near Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Abandoned mine tunnels and shafts are dangerous places for lots of reasons, so when park officials at Lake Mead National Recreation Area received a call that two people were trapped in an old mine off Northshore Road, there was ample cause for concern. Personnel from several agencies responded, but soon realized this was a rescue with an unusual twist.

Two Trails At Lake Mead National Recreation Area Closed During Scorching Summer Season

After repeated problems with hikers failing to heed warnings about dangerous summer heat, officials at Lake Mead National Recreation Area are closing two trails until early September. A temporary emergency closure will go into effect on May 29 for the Goldstrike Canyon and Arizona Hot Spring Trails in an effort to prevent additional injuries and fatalities.

A Few Musings From An Increasingly Dusty Lake Mead National Recreation Area

I recently headed south from home toward Arizona where grand daughter number one just finished becoming a mechanical engineer. The end of something like six years of grueling work – with a cum laude to boot – meant that a proud grandpa absolutely had to be in the crowd at Arizona State to cheer her on. She even managed to do it without student loans although she does owe a bunch on the beautician’s training that helped pay the bills.

Youth Crew Restores Historic Trail Connection at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

A popular hike at Lake Mead National Recreation follows a former railroad grade associated with the construction of Hoover Dam in the 1930s. Thanks to work by a youth trail crew, visitors now have an additional option for accessing the Historic Railroad Trail: a 0.3-mile spur connecting the Railroad Trail to the Hoover Dam Lodge parking area.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Seeking "Memories" For Exhibits On St. Thomas Townsite

In 1856 Mormon settlers established the small town of St. Thomas, Nevada, at the confluence of the Muddy and Virgin Rivers. After the construction of Hoover Dam, the town was inundated by the rising waters of Lake Mead in 1938. Now a prolonged drought and lower lake levels have once again revealed the site of St. Thomas, and the staff at Lake Mead National Recreation Area is looking for help developing interpretive information about the former town.

Study: Loss Of Colorado River Would Cripple Economies Of Seven States, From Wyoming To California

The prospect of the Colorado River running dry anytime soon is hard to fathom. But if it ever does, it will have a devastating effect on the economies of the seven states that rely on the river's life-giving waters, according to a study prepared by Arizona State University.

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