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Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Seeing The Parks By Webcam During The Shutdown

Among the many casualties of the government shutdown are some of the popular webcam views of locations around the National Park System, since NPS and some other government web services have been disabled for the duration of the dispute. If you enjoy the ability to check in on favorite park locations via those cameras, all is not lost, however, and we'll provide some tips about park webcam views provided by non-government sources.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Offering Free Loaner Life Jackets In Bid To Save Lives

The numbers at Lake Mead National Recreation Area are sobering: the leading cause of unintentional deaths at the park is drowning and none of the drowning victims were wearing a life jacket. The park is trying to change those statistics by offering free loaner life jackets at two popular swim beaches.

New Water-Filling Station At Lake Mead National Recreation Area Helps Cut Disposable Plastic Water Bottle Use

A new water-filling station at the main visitor center for Lake Mead National Recreation Area has been in service for six months, and in addition to reducing the use of disposable plastic water bottles, the filtered water is catching on with visitors. Since its installation, the station has been used to fill 13,600 water bottles.

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