Mammoth Cave National Park

Reader Participation Day: Help Us Name the Best Adventures In the National Park System, Lower 48 Edition

What are the best adventures in the National Park System in the Lower 48? For sure, three weeks floating the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park has to be one, and climbing the Grand Teton in its namesake park is another. But then what?

Visit To Mammoth Cave National Park Shows Off Above- and Below-Ground Wonders

While most folks head to Mammoth Cave National Park with the intent to spend most of their time underground, during a recent visit the weather was delightful we decided to spend as much time above ground hiking the trails and limit our tours underground to two guided trips.

Counting Bats At Mammoth Cave National Park

While most visitors to Mammoth Cave National Park take a cave tour or two and then head on their way, Marissa Maldonado and Samantha Sterman spent their summer counting bats at the park.

Fall Spectacular: Great Autumn Hikes in the National Parks

It's hard to beat autumn for prime hiking in parks from coast to coast. This season brings fine weather to most of the country and in many locations fall foliage is an added bonus. There are more hikes in national parks that we can take in a lifetime, so here are a few suggestions for some great ones all across the nation—including some alternatives to the most heavily-visited sites.

Teaching Students In the Underground Maze of Mammoth Cave National Park

National parks, along with being beautiful places to explore, are wonderful classrooms. Students from Western Kentucky University have been learning that at Mammoth Cave National Park, where underground studies are aimed at making them better above-ground teachers.

Mammoth Cave National Park To Offer Free Cave Tour on August 25

In honor of the 94th birthday of the National Park Service, officials at Mammoth Cave National Park are offering free tours of the Mammoth Passage cave on August 25.

Mammoth Cave National Park Documentary Nominated For Five Emmys in Regional Competition

An hour-long documentary that captured the wonder and mystery of Mammoth Cave National Park has been nominated for five Emmys in a regional competition.

Mammoth Cave National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial Offer 4th of July Events

Among the units of the National Park System that are offering special events to mark the Fourth of July are Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky and Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.

Mammoth Cave National Park Looking For Help Battling Pot Growers

While it's relatively well-known that pot farms have been planted in the backcountry of such Western parks as Sequoia and Yosemite, a similar problem is being confronted back East in Mammoth Cave National Park. To battle the problem, the park is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to a successful prosecution of those growing the marijuana patches.

Help Friends Groups Help the National Parks

Throughout the year my mailbox is filled with solicitations from various causes, among them national park-related events and projects. Here's a look at just some of the latest you might consider giving to.

How Will Wildfires Impact The National Park Landscape This Summer?

Winter has been pretty fluky across the United States, with heavy snows taking aim at the Mid-Atlantic and Sierra states, cold weather diving deeply into the Southeast, torrential rains hitting the Northeast, and quick warming baking the Midwest. With such a mix, what might we expect from the coming wildfire season across the National Park System?

Mammoth Cave National Park Crews Restoring Prairie Grasslands

The next time you visit Mammoth Cave National Park, take a look at the landscape just inside the Park City entrance. While it might look unkempt in the near term, down the road it will take on its natural appearance as a "barren," or prairie reminiscent of what originally existed.

Mammoth Cave National Park Officials Talking About Renovating Mammoth Cave Hotel

Mammoth Cave Hotel, Jess Stryker photo
Four decades after it went into service, the Mammoth Cave Hotel is showing its age, both in appearance and function. As a result, Mammoth Cave National Park officials want to start talking about how the hotel can best be renovated to improve visitor services.

Mammoth Cave National Park Saw Double-Digit Boost In Visitation in 2009

If you thought Mammoth Cave National Park seemed a bit crowded during your trip there last year, that's because visitation was up. For the year, the more than 500,000 folks visited Mammoth Cave, an increase of nearly 14 percent from 2008 traffic.

With Spring Nearing, Houchins Ferry Service to Resume In Mammoth Cave National Park

Despite the harsh, snowy weather that's been battering the Middle Atlantic states this winter, spring can't be too far off. Why else would Houchins Ferry in Mammoth Cave National Park resume service this coming weekend?

Mammoth Cave National Park Extends "Sister" Agreements To Slovenia

Last fall officials at Mammoth Cave National Park forged a working relationship with a park in China that has karst formations similar to those found in Mammoth Cave. Now the U.S. park has looked across the Atlantic Ocean to develop a similar agreement with officials in Slovenia who oversee karst landscapes in that country.

Experts Piece Together A Jigsaw Puzzle of Broken Gypsum at Mammoth Cave National Park

Piecing together a Jigsaw puzzle is challenging even when you have a picture to guide you. Imagine the challenge Jim Werker and Val Hildreth-Werker faced when they were confronted by 600 pounds of fragile gypsum pieces that they were tasked with putting back in place in a passageway in Mammoth Cave National Park's Crystal Cave.

Mammoth Cave National Park To Offer Free Cave Tour Days Again

So popular were the free cave tours at Mammoth Cave National Park last year that park officials have decided to offer similar days this year, beginning with Valentines Day.

Updated: Federal Government Urged To Close Caves Inhabited by Bats on Public Lands to Stop Spread of White-Nose Syndrome

A conservation group is petitioning the federal government with a request that it close all caves and mines inhabited by bats on public lands in a bid to stop the spread of white-nosed syndrome among bats. At the same time, the Center for Biological Diversity wants the Eastern small-footed bat and the Northern long-eared bat to be listed as endangered species.

Reader Participation Survey: Help Us Name the Top 100 National Park Locations to See Before You Die

Earlier this week we touched on the national parks mentioned in the book, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Somehow, Mammoth Cave National Park didn't make the cut, and if you've been there, you know it should have. Help us compile a list of the top 100 national park locations to see before you die. We'll start the list.

Crews Working in Mammoth Cave National Park To Combat Invasive Species Above Ground

While the main attraction is underground at Mammoth Cave National Park, there's quite a bit to see, enjoy, and learn from above ground at the Kentucky-based park. To preserve that setting, park crews are battling invasive trees that, if left unchecked, could pose a deadly threat to the native hardwood forests.

When Planning Holiday Festivities, Don't Forget the Traditional "Cave Sing" At Mammoth Cave National Park

Deep within the passageways that twist and turn at Mammoth Cave National Park the acoustics can be incredible. There is no background noise other than the shuffling feet, soft voices of visitors, and, in some passages, the running or dripping of water. On December 6 those sounds will fade into the background when the park hosts its annual Cave Sing to celebrate the coming holiday season.

Families With Ties to Mammoth Cave National Park Landscape Invited to Research Those Roots

You might call the coming weekend an ancestral weekend at Mammoth Cave National Park, as the park will offer workshops for tracing family trees that have roots in the park's rolling and rumpled landscape.

Researchers Survey Some of Mammoth Cave National Park's Many Cemeteries

While the main attraction is underground at Mammoth Cave National Park, there's quite a bit of history to appreciate above ground. Long before the park was established, homesteads dotted the heavily forested rolling hills. The land that was acquired for the national park displaced small communities that left their mark in the more than 80 cemeteries, churches, and homesteads that can be found within the park's borders.

Winter Lodging Deals at Mammoth Cave, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Death Valley National Parks

Comparatively few people think of visiting national parks during the winter months, and that's unfortunate for a variety of reasons. Not only does this season present an entirely different view of the parks than the one you normally experience during spring and summer, but lodging typically is less expensive, as the following offers demonstrate.

Mammoth Cave National Park Harbors More Than A Few Ghost Stories

With more than 150 documented paranormal events, many of them experienced by credible witnesses such as rangers and scientists, Mammoth Cave National Park easily qualifies for the title “most haunted natural wonder in the world.” Park rangers Colleen O’Connor Olson and Charles Hanion have recorded many of the park’s creepiest tales in their book Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave, a must read for anybody intrigued by the park’s supernatural history.

Mammoth Cave National Park Explains Plans To Restore Tour Trails In The Cave

Time and use have taken a toll on the tour routes that wind through the subterranean labyrinth of Mammoth Cave National Park. And so, not surprisingly, park officials say there's a need to rehab some of those routes.

Mammoth Cave National Park Follows Ken Burns' Documentary With Its Own Film

Hoping to leverage the buzz over Ken Burns' 12-hour documentary on national parks, a public television station in Kentucky is preparing to release its own documentary, one focused entirely on Mammoth Cave National Park.

Free Firewood At Mammoth Cave National Park

While quite a few national parks frown on you hauling trees out of their woods, at Mammoth Cave National Park officials are giving it away.

Mammoth Cave National Park Finds "Sister Parks" In China

Geologically similar parks with strikingly different perspectives -- Mammoth Cave National in the United States and China's Shilin Stone Forest National Park, Libo Zhangjiang National Park, and Wulong National Park -- have signed sister park agreements that open up avenues for the sharing of research and management styles.
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