Morristown National Historical Park

Essential Paddling Guide: Keeping Our Paddling Waters Clean And Healthy

We look to national park vacations as a healthy lifestyle ingredient, one filled with fun, laughter, and lasting memories. Not on our agendas is worrying about mercury in the fish we pull from mountain streams, droughts that would beach our boats, or industrial and agricultural pollution that impairs the very waters we enjoy in the parks. Sadly, those issues aren’t foreign to the National Park System.

Congress Asked To Approve Supplemental Appropriation Of $400 Million For National Parks To Recover From Sandy

Congress has been asked to provide nearly $400 million to help National Park System units recover from damages inflicted by "superstorm" Sandy earlier this fall.

Washington's Headquarters at Morristown National Historical Park Reopens

Once again you can see where General George Washington was headquartered during the harsh winter of 1779-1780 as he plotted the colonies' rebellion against England. After being closed since last October, the Ford Mansion at Morristown National Historical Park is open for tours.
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