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Mount Rainier National Park

Exploring The Sunny Side Of Mount Rainier National Park

No dotted line lets you know when you cross from the Mount Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest into Mount Rainier National Park, or vice versa. Verdant forests of mountain hemlock, Western red cedar, and Douglas fir conceal the border between the two landscapes, a border broken only occasionally where roads and trails weave through the trees.

Summer: A Great Season To Find Yourself In A National Park

National Parks. They are places of wonderment. They spark our curiosity, help us relax, and can keep us in shape. They offer thousands of miles of hiking trails, majestic vistas, deep woods, rushing streams, and quite literally an open-air zoo of wildlife that relies on these landscapes to thrive and, in some cases, merely survive.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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