Mount Rainier National Park

National Park Lodging: Who's Taking Care Of These Buildings? Part I

While many national park lodges are on the National Register of Historic Places, not all lodges reflect the preservation and well-maintained appearance you might expect for such properties. In a two-part series, the Traveler looks at the highs and lows of upkeep in the National Park System.
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Mount Rainier National Park Has Transitioned To Winter Season Hours

Snowstorms so far this month have convinced officials at Mount Rainier National Park that it's time to move to winter hours in the park in Washington state.

Updated: Missing Snowshoers Found In Good Condition At Mount Rainier National Park

Two snowboarders who became stranded by a snowstorm at Mount Rainier National Park on Sunday were found Tuesday morning in good condition.

Search Under Way For Missing Snowboarders At Mount Rainier National Park

A search was under way Monday for two snowboarders who became lost in a winter storm at Mount Rainier National Park while descending the mountain.

A View From The Overlook: Land Access

Is public land always available for the public good? Well, not always.

Climbing Fees At Mount Rainier National Park To Increase....By $1

Climbing fees at Mount Rainier National Park are going to increase next $1.

Body Found Below Cliff At Mount Rainier National Park

A body was found Monday at the base of a cliff in Mount Rainier National Park, marking the tenth fatality in the park this year.

NPS Says It Could Not Have Prevented Murder Of Mount Rainier National Park Ranger

An internal review of the circumstances that led up to the fatal shooting of a Mount Rainier National Park ranger on New Year's Day concluded that the incident could not have been prevented.
Hiking the Wonderland Trail: The Complete Guide to Mount Rainier Fall is on its way, deciduous forests will soon be shedding their colors, snows will be falling. It's probably getting too late to plan a complete hike of the 93-mile Wonderland Trail that loops Mount Rainier National Park, but it's the perfect time to begin planning for next year!

Bodies Of Two Climbers Recovered From Glacier At Mount Rainier National Park

The bodies of two climbers have been found on a glacier at Mount Rainier National Park, a month after melting snow uncovered the body of a climber missing since January.

Road Work Continues On Stevens Canyon Road In Mount Rainier National Park, Closures Expected

While road work is said to be progressing well on the Stevens Canyon Road in Mount Rainier National Park, a section of the road will close to traffic beginning September 4, according to park officials.

Mount Rainier, North Cascades, And Olympic National Parks Share $300,000 In Grants

More than a quarter-million-dollars worth of grants have been distributed to Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic national parks from Washington's National Park Fund, which has contributed more than $1.4 million to the parks during the past five years.

National Park Mystery Photo 54 Revealed: A Heavenly Place To Stay

A stately structure in a snowy place with a heavenly name.

Man's Body Found As Snow Melts Away At Mount Rainier National Park

Melting snow on Mount Rainier has revealed a man's body at an elevation of about 8,000 feet, leading park officials to wonder if it might be of one of four climbers lost during a storm back in January.

Mount Rainier National Park Officials Debating How To Rehab Camp Muir

What should be done with Camp Muir high on Mount Rainier? That's the question Mount Rainier National Park officials are grappling with. The facility is extremely strained by climbers and day hikers, and improvements are needed.

Mount Rainier National Park Honored For Its Colorful Wildflowers

Spring blooms are gone in many areas of the National Park System, but they're really showing their true colors at Mount Rainier National Park, where the locals are rallying around "Wildflower Watch 2012."

Temporary Trail Closure At Mount Rainier National Park To Protect Hikers

A temporary trail closure has been put in place on the Comet Falls Trail at Mount Rainier National Park to protect hikers from falling through a crust of snow and into the cold waters of Comet Falls.

Mount Rainier National Park Visitor Dies In Freak Accident At Paradise

A man enjoying the Fourth of July with his son at Mount Rainier National Park died when a crust of snow covering Edith Creek collapsed and sent him into the icy water, which swept him 30 feet downstream beneath the snow.

Body Of Climbing Ranger Recovered From Mount Rainier National Park

Two weeks after a climbing ranger died during a rescue attempt at Mount Rainier National Park, his body was recovered Thursday from the snow-heavy mountain in Washington state.

Linger at Longmire: This Rainier National Park Historic District Has Accessible But Nearly Secret Natural Assets To Explore And Enjoy

National Park sign Longmire
Most summertime visitors to Mount Rainier climb quickly to Paradise for walks among beautiful flower-filled meadows or to play in the melting snow. But build more time into your schedule and it’s easy to discover interesting and accessible natural features hidden in the Longmire area on the road to Paradise.

Prospectus Issued For Lodging And Associated Services At Mount Rainier National Park

The National Park Service recently issued a prospectus soliciting proposals for a 15-year contract to operate lodging and associated services in Mount Rainier National Park.

Recovery Of Climbing Ranger's Body On Mount Rainier On Hold Due To Weather, Avalanche Danger

While Mount Rainier National Park officials initially had held some hope Wednesday that improving weather conditions would allow for the recovery of the body of a climbing ranger who died while assisting with a rescue, conditions again forced rangers from to put off an attempt.

Weather Continues To Hamper Removal Of Fallen Ranger's Body At Mount Rainier National Park

Snowy and cloudy conditions have continued to hamper efforts to remove the body of a Mount Rainier National Park climbing ranger who died while working to rescue four climbers, though a small window of opportunity was expected Sunday.

UPDATE: Mount Rainier Climbing Ranger Dies In Fall During Rescue Of Four Climbers

Deteriorating weather conditions Friday were delaying climbing rangers at Mount Rainier National Park from retrieving the body of a fellow ranger who died while coming to the aid of four climbers.

Road Construction Will Slow Traffic In Stevens Canyon At Mount Rainier National Park

Traffic will be slow through Stevens Canyon in Mount Rainier National Park this summer as road construction gets under way along 10 miles of the road.

National Park Mystery Spot 40 Revealed: A Building In Paradise

We aren’t sure that Scoop is in Heaven, but they’ve named a building for him in Paradise.

Crater Lake National Park Officials Given Final Say Over Sightseeing Overflights

While legislation has been signed into law by President Obama to give Crater Lake National Park officials final say on whether to allow helicopter sightseeing tours over the park, that authority is lacking in many other units of the National Park System.

Effort Under Way In Congress To Reinstate Ban On Firearms in National Parks

A group of congressmen, led by two members of Washington state's delegation, is trying to reinstate a ban against firearms in national parks.
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