Mount Rainier National Park

Winter, A Season of Contrasts Across the National Park System

This week the Traveler offers you a series of stories to help you enjoy the coming months in the national parks. We'll take a look at some great lodges to call home for your visit, point out some cold-weather -- and warm-weather -- parks to enjoy (and how to enjoy them), touch on seasonal wildlife moves, and even offer some suggestions on how to stay safe in the parks.

Climbing Fees Proposed to Increase at Denali, Mount Rainier National Parks

Proposals controversial with the climbing community -- to hike the permit fees for climbing Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Mount Rainier in its namesake park -- will be open to public review in the weeks and months ahead.

End of Summer Season Coming For Mount Rainier, Voyageurs National Parks and Cedar Breaks National Monument

If you live near, or can travel to, Mount Rainier or Voyageurs national parks, or Cedar Breaks National Monument, for one last fall fling, now's the time to do it.

Reader Participation Day: Can We Afford to Save All Historic Lodges in National Parks?

Whether you hold a sentimental tie to national park lodgings, or look at them nostalgically, can we afford to hold onto all historic lodge facilities in the National Park System?

Mojave Desert Land Trust Secures More than 950 Acres for Joshua Tree National Park

Earlier this month we mentioned how the Trust for Public Lands had secured more than 400 acres for Mount Rainier National Park. Now we can pass on that the Mojave Desert Land Trust has obtained more than 950 acres for Joshua Tree National Park.

Stargazing Scheduled for Great Smoky Mountains, Mount Rainier National Parks This Weekend

Here's hoping for clear skies Saturday night in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Mount Rainier National Park, where rangers will be leading stargazing programs.

Updated: Possible Increase In Climbing Fees at Denali, Mount Rainier National Parks Condemned by Climbers

Worries that it might get more expensive to climb Mount McKinley in Denali National Park or Mount Rainier in its namesake park have prompted three climbing groups to ask National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis to stave off any increases.

Trust For Public Land Helps Improve Carbon River Entrance of Mount Rainier National Park

In a surprising announcement, the Trust for Public Lands has said it has been able to acquire a 440-acre parcel of land for Mount Rainier National Park. The announcement is surprising in its timing, as it mentions a relocation of the road and campground in the park's Carbon River Entrance on the heels of a Park Service announcement concerning access via that entrance.

What Sort of Access Do You Want to the Carbon River Area of Mount Rainier National Park?

Mount Rainier National Park officials, no doubt weary of having to rebuild the Carbon River Road for vehicles, are proposing to transform that entry into the park into one for hikers and bikers only.

Fall Spectacular: Fall Colors Delight Motorists on National Park Roads -- Part II, the Ozarks and Western States

When it comes to autumnal splendor, the Eastern parks get the lion's share of national publicity, but there's some mighty fine leaf peeping to be enjoyed on the park roads in western states and the Ozarks too. Here's how to find some of the best of it.

Fall Spectacular: Fall Colors From a National Park Lodge

You'd be hard-pressed to stay in a national park lodge in the fall without some spectacular vistas. Still, there are some places that seem slightly better situated to capture the display of foliage. Contributing writers David and Kay Scott share their thoughts on some of the best lodges to call home during the fall.

Iconic Climbers To Attend Rainier Mountain Festival Near Mount Rainier National Park

If you've long wondered about what it takes to climb mountains such as K2 or Mount Everest, pencil the Rainier Mountain Festival on your calendar. This affair just outside Mount Rainier National Park will bring together such iconic mountaineers as Ed Viesturs and the Whittaker brothers, Jim and Lou.

National Park Mystery Plant 10 Revealed: It's False Hellebore

Don't mess with this one, folks, and don't let your livestock mess with it either.

Climber Dies From Fall into Crevase On Mount Rainier

A 52-year-old Seattle man has been killed in a climbing accident at Mount Rainier National Park, according to park officials.

Reader Participation Day: Visit Wyoming's National Parks, or Those in Washington State?

It was quite a battle last week when we asked whether you would rather visit Utah's national parks or those in California. Well, here's another head-scratcher: Would you first head to Wyoming and Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, or Washington State with Olympic, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier national parks?

Motorists in Mount Rainier National Park Will Face Cycling Delays on Thursday

A novel bicycle ride -- Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day -- likely will cause some delays for motorists in Mount Rainier National Park on Thursday.

Fundraisers Funnel Nearly $300,000 to Olympic, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier National Parks

Thanks to a series of fundraisers held by Washington's National Park Fund, nearly $300,000 is being funneled to Mount Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades national parks for projects in the parks.

Upscale Cabins Latest Trend in Commercial Campgrounds Bordering National Parks

There’s a new structure showing up this summer in campgrounds bordering national parks, one that offers a higher level of comfort than the family camper or pop-up tent. More and more campgrounds are adding cabins to their available accommodations, for while more people are heading to the parks, not all want to sleep on the ground in a tent.

Search Being Scaled Back for Missing Climber in Mount Rainier National Park

Another search-and-rescue operation in the National Park System has been scaled back due to a lack of success, this time in Mount Rainier National Park where a climber went missing Thursday.

Search Under Way for Missing Climber on Mount Rainier

A search was under way Friday for a 57-year-old climber missing on Mount Rainier, Mount Rainier National Park authorities said.

Sunrise Area of Mount Rainier National Park Open This Weekend, With Some Caveats

While the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier National Park will be open this weekend, not all services will be available due to the cool, snowy spring, say park officials.

Shuttle Service Back on the Road at Mount Rainier National Park

With the summer season officially under way the free shuttle bus service at Mount Rainier National Park is back on the road. Mount Rainier Superintendent Dave Uberuaga says park visitors can catch the buses from Ashford, Longmire and Paradise during the 2010 summer season.

Woman Falls Into Snow "Sink Hole" At Mount Rainier National Park

A woman received multiple injuries when she fell an estimated 20 feet down into a sink hole created by melting snow at Mount Rainier National Park.

Avalanche Hits 11 Climbers on Mount Rainier, One Still Missing

Searchers were waiting for improved weather conditions to resume the hunt for one of 11 climbers who were hit by an avalanche while trying to summit Mount Rainier in Mount Rainier National Park.

NPCA Wants FAA, National Park Service to Consider Banning Mount Rainier National Park Overflights

With the National Park Service and the Federal Aviation Administration sitting down to consider scenic overflights of Mount Rainier National Park, the National Parks Conservation Association wants the agencies to consider a broad range of options, including a ban on the overflights.
NPCA-Mount Rainier Overflights.pdf1.49 MB

Two Climbers Lucky To Survive Ordeal On Mount Rainier

A pair of climbers who found themselves in white-out conditions on Mount Rainier are fortunate to have survived their ordeal, which included falling into a crevasse.

Reader Participation Survey: How Much Local Control Should Be Exerted Over National Parks?

Should there be more uniformity across the National Park System when it comes to regulations pertaining to such activities as air tours, mountain biking, and personal watercraft use, just to name three sensitive issues?

What Do You Think About Sightseeing Tours Circling Mount Rainier National Park?

One of the increasingly thorny issues circling around the National Park System are sightseeing planes that circle national parks. Those tours have been debated at Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, and Grand Teton national parks, just to name three units of the system. Now you can add Mount Rainier National Park to the list.

NPCA: Independent Review Shows Wolf Population Goals Too Low in Washington State

Wolf population targets laid out in a draft management plan by Washington Department of Fish and Game officials are too low to sustain a viable population, according to some independent scientists who reviewed the proposal.
Wash Wolf DEIS Peer Review.pdf842.36 KB

Reader Participation Day: Where Are the Best Waterfalls In the National Park System?

Waterfall Ohe o Gorge, Haleakala National Park, copyright Q.T. Luong
Two of the most incredible waterfalls in the National Park System can be found in Yellowstone National Park. But it certainly doesn't have a monopoly on waterworks. Olympic National Park boasts the beautifully secluded Marymere Falls, Glacier National Park the towering Bird Woman Falls, and Great Smoky Mountain National Park the comparatively small but gorgeous-just-the-same Abrams Falls. What other waterfalls in the park system deserve to be singled out for their beauty?
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